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50 Cent appearance, Curtis James Jackson III embarks on a tour.
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Beginning 50 Cent

50 Cent is Curtis Jackson's stage name. Jackson was born and raised in a single-parent family with his mother, a drug dealer in the Queens borough of New York. At the age of eight, his mother was murdered and he grew up with his grandfather. He got involved with the police many times in the color of drug sales and started engaging in rap in his teens.

The big break

Jackson began his musical career in his neighborhood, he began doing rap in a friend's basement, where he used turntables to record on musical instruments. In 1996, a friend introduced him to Jam Master Jay, a member of the Run DMC band, Jay taught him how to count boxes, write hymns, build songs and make records. In 1999 he was signed by a Colombian company to a recording contract. His first album, Power of the Dollar, was not officially released, but the song "How to Rob" became very popular.

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Jackson accumulated a significant portion of his capital from his business, and especially from the sale of his holdings in VitaminWater in 2007 for $ 100 million. In 2011 he founded the company SMS Audio which specializes in the production of fashionable headphones and accessories.

In July 2015, Jackson filed for bankruptcy following debts to creditors. In the application documents, Jackson reported debts in the order of $ 32 million. The petition was filed near a court ruling ordering him to pay five million dollars, for distributing a sex tape of rapper Rick Ross' girlfriend. In 2017 the bankruptcy proceedings against him were canceled after he paid $ 22 million earlier than expected

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