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1 review for BUNGEE JUMP | כרטיסים לקפיצת בנג'י בלונדון 48 מטר | TIKAIR

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    Just wow !! An extreme experience for all extreme lovers.

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BUNGEE JUMP | Bungee Jump In London Attractions in London

Enjoy a spectacular and exciting bungee attraction next to London's O2 Stadium!
Throw yourself in a crazy high-rise bungee crane against the stunning backdrop of the O2 Arena, the River Thames, Canary Wharf and the central London skyline.
Arrival will be considered twice to ensure the correct bungee cord is used and then we will clothe you with a bungee cord and double safety harnesses.
The professional instructors are aware of high safety and do comprehensive tests, especially of the main ankle harness!

You will then be welcomed to the crane platform by your guide and we will start the ascent to 160ft.
Then after one last check, you are ready to fly and it is up to you to take the dramatic step and turn yourself into boundless air.

• 160ft bungee jump for one (48.7 meters)!
• Full safety instruction and instruction from a trained instructor
• Bring as many viewers a camera to record your moment!

Please note: you are buying a voucher that will be valid for 10 months from the date of purchase,
To place your order, please call 073-3905020 - available on selected weekends throughout the year.

Tickets for the BUNGEE JUMP attraction and a basket of a variety of attractions can be purchased at a discount.
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BUNGEE JUMP | 48 meter London bungee jumping tickets | TIKAIR

75,00 $

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    • Starting from- Addition per person
    • Starting from- Addition per person

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    Subject to availability and weather conditions.

    Must be 14 or older; Children under 16 are required for parental approval.
    Above age 50 should seek medical advice before their event to ensure there is no medical reason they will not attend.

    The maximum weight for a solo jump is 120 kg; waist size is 40 cm to 125 cm.
    The price is for a double order and therefore may vary when ordering in a different format.
    Hours and dates of the show may vary - final confirmation will be given by a Tickair representative and will appear on the ticket / voucher for the show.


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