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1 review for סיור במועדון צ'לסי | Chelsea Stadium and Museum Tour | TIKAIR

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    Highly recommended for football fans. There is no situation that you miss!

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Chelsea Club Tour London | Chelsea Stadium and Museum Tour | Attractions in London

Our guided tour of Chelsea will take you behind the scenes at Stamford Bridge, one of the largest stadiums in London,
Which gives you access to areas usually reserved for players and officials. Along the way you will visit various stalls, the press room,
Home and locker rooms away, the tunnel and dug-out areas, making it a perfect attraction for any sports fan.

The tour of the stadium departs every half hour from the store complex. On the tour we entered the stadium, the locker rooms and the press room.
During the tour the guide told anecdotes and interesting and funny stories, which made the tour enjoyable even for those who are not football fans.
You can book a place in advance and then do not have to wait. Jury fans also have a museum, the attraction is the last trophy,
A tour of the Chelsea Club in London is a recommended experience for the whole family.
There are also two shops - one at the entrance to the tour and the other at the exit from it, note that at the exit from the tour the store is larger and has a large selection of items.
You should hold back and wait for the second store.

We’ve added brand new elements to our stadium tours, where fans will be able to watch exclusive videos and 360-degree content along the route.
We also did the tour in 12 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Mandarin!

All tours last 60 minutes and include entrance to the museum, giving you the opportunity to see how Chelsea have evolved on and off the pitch over the years.
We are proud of the guides who have knowledge and enthusiasm about the club and we believe it is their passion that makes our tours a truly memorable experience.

Tickets for the attraction can be purchased at the Chelsea Club and a basket of a variety of attractions at a discount.

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Chelsea Club Tour | Chelsea Stadium and Museum Tour | TIKAIR

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