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Mariah Carey The talented pop singer embarks on a tour.
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Singer Mariah Carey (in English: Mariah Carey; Born March 27, 1970) is a pop composer and singer,
Soul, rhythm and blues, gospel, jazz, songwriter, composer, music producer and American actress.
Since her first album was released in the early 90's, she has become one of the most successful and famous singers in the world.
Along with the success, she filled halls, tickets for Mariah Carey's performances in Israel and all the destinations were sold en masse.
Her number of songs ranked No. 1 on the American Billboard charts is greater than any other artist in history, except for the Beatles.
And the volume of sales of her albums and songs is estimated at about 200 million copies. During her career, Carrie has won numerous awards,
Among them are nineteen "World Music Awards", five "Grammy" awards, eleven "American Music Awards",
Thirty-one BMI Pop Music Awards and fourteen Billboard Music Awards.
In 1998, Carrie won the "Best Selling Artist of the 1990s" award.
And in 2000 at the "Best-Selling Female Artist of the Millennium" Award, both from the World Music Awards.

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She is known for her range of five octaves and her ability to sing particularly high notes, both in chest tones and head tones,
In them her control arouses admiration and is considered rare. She is referred to as the "Bird of the Upper Song" by the Guinness Book of Records.
Her debut album, Mariah Carey, was released in the United States in June 1990.
A host of famous albums have led to the sale of tickets for Mariah Carey's once-in-a-lifetime performances.
It was preceded by aggressive marketing work on the part of the record company, which included, among other things, Carrie's performances in front of a small audience of listeners.
Participated in Arcinio Hall's talk show and even invited to sing in the NBA League Finals.
Upon its release, the album peaked at number eight on the American Albums Chart and only forty-three weeks later reached number one.
He has been at the top for eleven consecutive weeks - more than any other Carrie album, to date.
Hurry up and take your place, Mariah Carey 2020 is on its way.


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