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1 review for כרטיסים למלך האריות בלונדון | TIKAIR | DISNEY'S THE LION KING | טיקאייר

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    If there's a musical I like. This is the Lion King! A must watch for the whole family!

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About The Lion King | DISNEY'S THE LION KING | Attractions in London

Located on the glorious Serengeti plains, with the haunting sounds of Africa, the multi-award-winning Disney Musical redefines the meaning of trying to live.
The Lion King is a musical based on the 1994 Walt Disney Company animated film of the same name, with music by Elton John to the lyrics of Tim Rice, along with music composed by Hans Zimmer and Libo M., as conductor of an accompaniment choir. The musical, directed by Julie Timor, features actors disguised as various animals, as well as actors operating huge, hollow dolls. The show was produced by Disney Theatrical.

Tells the story of Simba, a lion cub who will inherit the role of king from his father Mufasa. After Simba's uncle, Scar, kills Mufasa to gain control of the band of lions, Simba mistakenly thinks his father's names were his responsibility, so he decides to expel himself from the band. Shortly after the band leaves, Simba arrives exhausted, and scavengers try to eat him. A meerkat and a warthog called Timon and Pumbaa get caught, rescue it and raise it. Since Simba is not in the Lion Kingdom to lead, Scar becomes king and makes an alliance with hyenas. After a long time in which Simba did not meet anyone from his previous band, Nella, a lioness who was Simba's childhood friend, finds him. Nella convinces him to return to the kingdom to defeat Scar, who seized power. With the help of his friends Simba returns to the kingdom, kills Scar and expels the hypocrites. The plot of the film was influenced, among other things, by the biblical stories about Joseph and Moses and the play "Hamlet" by Shakespeare.

In a spectacular show of stories, the well-known director, Julie Timor, turned the beloved 1994 film from Disney into a stage phenomenon at the Lyceum Theater. Her description of Simba's powerful and moving story - the spacious residence of the King of Pride Lands - will take you on an unforgettable theatrical journey.

As well as favorite tunes like "Circle of Life" and "Hakuna Matata" resonate around the magical Lyceum Theater, 200 puppets bring the Serengeti to life. Each doll is designed so intricately and maneuverably so realistically that the characters in front of you look alive. Accompanying the music and puppets are the Lion King with special effects… that you travel even further into the heart of Africa.

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