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Lenny Kravitz The legendary and talented singer goes on a tour.
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His first album, Let Love Rule, was a mediocre commercial success,
But entered the list of the 100 best albums of that year in the United States. Kravitz gained international recognition in 1990,
When Madonna performed the song he wrote, "Justify My Love".
The consciousness won the singer Lenny Kravitz hot performances, tickets for Lenny Kravitz's performances in Amsterdam and all the destinations were sold en masse.
That same year he also divorced Melissa Beaver. His second album, "Mama Said", released in 1991,
Reached the top 40 list in the United States annual parade.
The standout single from this album was "It Ain't Over Till It's Over" which reached number two on the annual chart.
This album also featured Sean Lennon, the son of John Lennon, in a debut recording.

Albums and songs

In 1993, his album "Are You Gonna Go My Way" was released, for which he won the British Music Awards in 1994 for the award for best international artist.
The song "Are You Gonna Go My Way" won the award for best music video for a male singer.
The album was one of Kravitz's most successful. The success was followed by success in all the performances, tickets to the performances of Lenny Kravitz in Prague and all the destinations were sold en masse.
Kravitz's most famous collaboration on this song was with the hard rock musician and guitarist of the hard rock band Guns N 'Roses, Slash.
In 1995 the album "Circus" was released with little success.

Shows Tickets for performances in Europe

With the release of his album "5" in 1999, Kravitz began to use more electronic instruments such as synthesizers and other electronic music instruments.
His biggest hit from this album was "Fly Away", which reached number 12 on the annual chart in the United States,
But gained success among the audience and among advertising companies. The song has become one of the songs that symbolize freedom and aviation.
Albums, awards, concert tickets, and successful shows. It does not matter in which destination, Lenny Kravitz in Prague or Lenny Kravitz in Amsterdam, the success was there.
For this album he won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Artist.
His cover version of the band's song "The Snake Who?" (The guess who?) For the song "American Woman" won him the Grammy Award for Best Song for Singer of the Year 2000.
That same year he released the album "Greatest Hits", which was his best-selling album ever.
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