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1 review for לגולנד וינדזור לונדון כרטיסים | LEGOLAND WINDSOR | TIKAIR

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    An attraction that your children should not miss

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Windsor London LEGOLAND WINDSOR | Attractions in London

Spring 2021 will see the opening of a new spooktacular ride at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort Haunted House Monster.
Guests are invited to join the wonderfully monstrous monster-friendly vampire in his terrifying and haunting new home to celebrate his arrival in the Legoland neighborhood.
Young party guests will be welcomed by a joke to tell Lego monsters talking statues, LEGO bunting, banners and balloons.
Legoland Windsor Resort is the most visited amusement park in the United Kingdom and the tenth in Europe (after Eurodisney in Paris, Fort Aventura near Barcelona in Spain and Garda Land in Lake Garda, Italy). The park is close to the town of Windsor, 44 km (about a 50-minute drive) from central London.
The park is intended for children aged 3-12, where you will find facilities, buildings, models and construction workshops, all around the Lego theme.
Inside the haunted house of a vampire, the families will sit down at the ballroom in a lavishly decorated hall, abounding in monstrous monster food, cauldrons, potion bottles and goblets each consisting of hundreds of LEGO bricks. Once seated comfortably, a vampire will discover his magical party trick, which will bring the ballroom swinging to life, turning the room upside down and turning in front of his party very eye-catching.

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Golland Windsor London Tickets | LEGOLAND WINDSOR | TIKAIR

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