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Liam Gallagher Singer of one of the most successful bands of all time, Oasis.
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In 1991, Liam formed the band "The Rain", which in the future will be called Oasis. The band included Liam as lead singer and songwriter plus three of his childhood friends;
Paul Arthurs as the band's guitarist, Paul McGowigan as bass guitarist and Tony McCarroll as drummer.
The band has performed mainly in small clubs and pubs throughout Manchester and has been known for wreaking havoc and chaos in their performances which have often been shortened following fights.
When Liam saw that the band was not progressing he asked his older brother, Noel, to help and join the band.
Noel agreed on the condition that he be the band's leader and songwriter,
The change in the band led to an insane sale of tickets for Liam Gallagher Oasis performances at all destinations.

Recording contract

In addition, he decided to change the band's name to Oasis. Under the guidance of Noel,
Oasis got a recording contract and recorded their first album, "Definitely Maybe",
Which at the time was the fastest-selling debut album in British history.
Not only the success on the album but also in the sale of tickets for Liam Gallagher performances in all destinations.
Since the release of the band's debut album in August 1994, Gallagher has been known for his unique voice and style of singing,
In addition to his colorful personality expressed in frequent fights with the paparazzi and heavy drug and alcohol consumption.

Liam Gallagher's breakthrough

When the Oasis band broke into the public arena, Liam Gallagher was hailed by the media as one of the best soloists in British history,
And praised for his live performances in which he made an effort as if he were in the studio.
The band's second album, "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?", Released in October 1995, was even more successful,
And became the third best-selling album of all time in the UK.
In addition, the prestigious British Music Awards ceremony selected him as the best album in the UK for the past 30 years.
During his career Oasis has played in thousands of shows around the world, but one of them, in 1996,
Had the biggest show in the history of the UK: Oasis performed in Nivert's Park in front of 400,000 thousand people over two nights. Concert tickets soon ran out.

Albums Tickets for performances in Europe

The demand for tickets was about 2.6 million people - an all-time record in the UK.
The show has since been considered iconic and symbolizes the new spirit in 90s British music.
During this time, Oasis' rivalry with another alternative rock band, Blair, was widely covered in the British media.
All tickets for Liam Gallagher Israel's shows and all destinations are sold out, the demand was insane.
The different style between Oasis, a band that is identified with the working class of the North West of England,
Webler, a band associated with the middle class of the south east of England,
Turned both bands into natural rivals. The band's third album, "Be Here Now",
Released on 21 August 1997 and set a new record as the fastest-selling album in British history.

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