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1 review for כרטיסים פארק ת'ורפ בלונדון | THORPE PARK | טיקאייר | TIKAIR

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    An attraction suitable for the whole family. Enjoyed very much!

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Thorpe Park Tickets | THORPE PARK | Attractions in London

Thorpe Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK and a must-see for families traveling with children in the UK.
This is a unique amusement park which beyond the "action" that characterizes amusement parks in the world also provides many moments of beauty and extraordinary activities for children of all ages - from an artificial beach for toddlers to water trains and special tubing facilities.
Amusement park Thorpe Park Located between the three cities of Chertsey Staines and Surrey in England.
In terms of access and arrival at the amusement park, it is a total of about 30 kilometers from London,
So you can definitely stay in London and get to the park for a day trip. The entire park has 30 trains, including 7 roller coasters and 5 water trains.

With over 30 exciting riders, attractions and live events, Thorpe Holiday Park is an island like no other and the destination of the UK must visit to share endless fun with friends and family.
Join us for a season of fun, thrills and laughter with intense train action, unimaginable events and memorable island memories.
Get ready for summer like there is nowhere else but at THORPE Resort Park! Enjoy world-class tours,
Such as the UK's only sea roller coaster, hold on tight as you plunge into the water on tidal waves,
Or sit back and enjoy the sun on the Amiti beach. Hurry to take your place and order Park Thorpe tickets today.

Put on your shoes, and put together your team and prepare yourself for the cinema, the most outrageous and brilliant inflatable of course in the UK! Bounce obstacles in the past,
Fall through tunnels and slip your way to the finish! Bouncezilla is of course 96m inflatable that bites back - are you ready to take on a scandalous and funny challenge?

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