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1 review for כרטיסים לטינה טרנר בלונדון | THE TINA TURNER MUSICAL | טיקאייר | TIKAIR

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    It is sometimes said that the imitation is better than the original. It may be so in this case as well. If not at the same level. Just fantastic. The experience took me back a few years!

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About TINA - THE TINA TURNER MUSICAL Tina Turner | Musicals in London

It's simply the best new musical in the West End! Celebrating the life and songs of Rock'n'Roll icon Tina Turner, this world premiere is a collaboration between Mama Mia! Director Philida Lloyd, the Choreographer of the Nurse Act, Anthony Van Last, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, hired designer Mark Thompson and Tina Turner, the legend herself, who worked with the creative team to produce what was to be a hit.

Written by award-winning Olivia playwright Katori Hall, show the untold story charts of resentment to the summit. Musical resentment includes timeless classics like "Deep River in the Mountains," "Stupid Love," "Proud Mary," "What is Love to Do With It," "The Best," "We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)."

From her humble beginnings in Tennessee, USA until she became the queen of rock 'n' roll, Tina Turner not only broke the rules - she wrote them. .

The musical was written by Katori Hull, Frank Cutler and Keys Prince, and co-produced by Tina Turner herself. At the end of 2016 work began on the musical and it finally came up in 2018 starring Adrian Warren in the lead role.

It is an unquestionable theatrical tribute to one of the most iconic singers ever born. Do not miss, the musical resentment ran at the Aldwich Theater in London now!
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Latina Turner Tickets In London | THE TINA TURNER MUSICAL | Ticker | TIKAIR

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