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1 review for הרפתקאות שרק בלונדון כרטיסים | SHREK'S ADVENTURE | TIKAIR

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    Definitely an attraction suitable for the whole family!

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Adventures Only in London | Shrek's Adventure | The London Shrek Adventure | SHREK'S ADVENTURE | Attractions in London

The distant kingdom is farther than you think… Join Shrek and his beloved friends Dreamworks on a crazy adventure right in the heart of London. The funniest tour in the world puts you and your friends in the center of the stage as you board a bus in London driven by a naughty donkey, and with a donkey in control one can be sure that chaos and chaos are going to occur!

You will have the opportunity to explore the fantasy world of Far Far Away and meet some familiar faces along the way, including Puss in Boots, "Gingy" Ginger Man, Pinocchio, Three Little Pigs, and of course, Princess Fiona. But an adventure from the legends is never complete without a villain, and Rumpelstiltskin will do everything in his power to interrupt your tour and stop you from getting home to London.

There are 10 themed shows from the legends within the attraction, which offer amazing animation and storytelling stories from the Dreamworks team, and promise a magical day for the whole family.

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Adventures That Only In London Tickets | SHREK'S ADVENTURE | TIKAIR

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