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After his release from the army, Vertis returned to music, and began singing in clubs in Thessaloniki and the region of Macedonia.
In 2002, he began performing at the Rodon Club in Thessaloniki, and continued to perform there until the summer of 2003.
Between the years 2004-2003, Vertis performed jointly with the Greek singer Peggy Xena, at the "Apollo" club in Athens.
Along with her he performed two duets included on his debut album: "Polly Apotoma and Radziazi" (Greek: "This is a very popular experience") (" Darkens fast in the evening "),
Released in February 2003, produced by Universal Music Group. This album won platinum status.
This year Vertis won the Best New Singer Award in Greece, at the third "Arion" awards ceremony, on behalf of the Greek Record Federation.

Performances in Europe and albums

In May 2004, Vertis returned to Thessaloniki, and continued to perform at the Rodon Club until August. In September 2004 his second album was released:
"Pama Psyche Mo" (Greek: "Remember me") (" Let's go my soul "), which won platinum status. That same year, Vertis moved to Athens,
And began performing at the Poseidonio Club. In December 2005, his third album was released: "Pos Pranao Te and Radia Monos" (Greek: "I'm going to have a brawl") (" How I spend evenings alone "),
Which also gained platinum status. In the summer of 2005, Vertis released the single "Pes To Mo Kasana" (Greek: "This is for you") (" Tell me that again "),
Which received platinum status, and won the fifth "Arion" awards ceremony at the award: "The Best-Selling Greek Single" that year.

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