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1 review for כרטיסים לבית ספר לרוק בלונדון | SCHOOL OF ROCK | טיקאייר | TIKAIR

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    One of the leading musicals in London, suitable for all ages. An outstanding musical experience

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ABOUT SCHOOL OF ROCK School of Rock | Musicals in London

A musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber that tells the story of a failed rocker who decides to make some money as a substitute teacher

School of Rock

Renowned producer Andrew Lloyd Webber launched the musical School of Rock on Broadway and soon after the musical reached London.

The musical is based on the 2003 film "School Rock", the story is about a guy who tried unsuccessfully to engage in music and finds himself a substitute teacher in an elementary school, where he manages to get his talented students to become a successful band without the school administration's knowledge.

What makes the musical special is the fact that the children on stage actually play live while performing.

A light and happy musical, Also suitable for children (children under 5 are not allowed to enter the hall).
Medium level of English but even without understanding English you can enjoy the music and understand the story according to what is happening on stage.

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London Rock School Tickets | SCHOOL OF ROCK | Ticker | TIKAIR

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