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    We combined the attraction with a number of attractions in the area, was very enjoyable, one of the most beautiful palaces in London.

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Kensington Palace London Tickets | Kensington Palace | Kensington Palace Attractions in London

Explore Queen Victoria's birthplace and intimate childhood home
And the home of the young royalty for 300 years. Follow the royal family in the King State Apartments, the beautiful Queen Apartments and the famous Sunken Garden.

About Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace was once a small villa in the suburbs called the "Nottingham House".
The royal couple William III and Mary II chose this house in 1689 as their summer home. After purchasing the home,
The royal couple decided to enlarge it, and the king invited Sir Christopher Ren (who also designed St. Paul's Cathedral) to make plans. But the queen herself,
Excited by the project, she took it upon herself to turn this little house into a palace.
Enthusiastic about the mission, Queen Mary decided to go to the construction site, and speed up the work of the workers. And while a huge workforce was working on the construction,
A team of designers has already prepared decorative plans for the new rooms.

Completion of the construction of Kensington Palace

However, the pressure Mary exerted on the workers had devastating consequences. In November 1689 part of the new wall collapsed.
One person was killed and others were seriously injured. It happened minutes after the Queen toured the site. Shocked Mary wrote to her husband about the incident. Despite the failure, the palace soon ended,
And the King and Queen moved into it on Christmas Eve in 1689.
Over the years, Kensington Palace has been renovated again, becoming a fashionable and impressive palace for the younger royal generation.
Queen Caroline designed the palace and gardens, and Queen Victoria spent her childhood there.
In 1837 Queen Victoria left Kensington Palace and moved to Buckingham Palace. Princess Diana, Princess Margaret and others later lived in Kensington Palace.

Activity time 

Monday to Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00

Entrance until 17:00

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