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The singer Celine Dion The famous Canadian goes on a tour.
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Singer Celine Dion was born in the town of Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada to a Christian-Catholic family. The youngest of 14 siblings.
Both her parents are of French-Canadian descent. At the age of 5 she first sang on stage at her parents' club, called "The Old Wine Barrel."
This was the beginning of her journey from here to selling tickets for Celine Dion show performances.
In 1980, her mother turned to agent Rene Angelil who was fascinated by her voice and took it upon herself to promote her. He is housing his home to fund his first album.
In 1981 they released their first album in French, La voix du bon Dieu ("The Voice of God"), which made Dion a star in Quebec.
In 1982 she participated in the World Popular Festival held in Tokyo representing countries around the world, as a representative of Canada, and won a gold medal.

Albums Tickets for performances abroad

In recent years, Deon has released highly successful French albums and has gained much fame in Canada and Quebec.
Dion's career continued to flourish, and in 1987 she released the hit album Incognito (anonymous).
Dion filled halls, tickets to Celine's shows Dion toured Europe and all the destinations were hijacked en masse.
In 1988 she represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest and won with the song "Ne partez pas sans moi". The win helped advance her career in Europe.
In 1989, at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lausanne, Switzerland, she had her world premiere of her first English song, "Where Does My Heart Beat Now".
In 1990 she released her first album in English Unison, which also contributed to her international recognition.

Movie soundtrack and the big break

Dion's great breakthrough into the international consciousness is mainly attributed to her participation in the soundtrack of the film "Beauty and the Beast" in 1991 with the song "Beauty and the Beast".
At the Oscar ceremony that year, which happened to be held on her 24th birthday, a discussion appeared with the song, which won the Oscar for best song.
With Celine's successes, concert tickets are snatched en masse from the very beginning of the tour.
That same year she released her second album in English named after her, Celine Dion.
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