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The band's history

The band U 2 was formed in Dublin on September 25, 1976. It began when Larry Mullen Jr.,
Who was then 14, posted on the high school bulletin board where he studied an ad in search of musicians for a new band in favor of a show.
The first rehearsal for the band's concert took place in the kitchen of Moulin Jr..
Mullen Jr. played drums, Paul Jason (Bono) sang, David Evans (The Edge) and his older brother, Dick Evans, played guitars and Adam Clayton played bass guitar.
Back in the first round were also Ivan McCormick and Peter Martin, two friends of Moulin Jr..
Martin, who brought his guitar and amplifier for the first rehearsal but could not play, did not stay in the band.

The band train

Already at that time the band was ready to produce tickets for performances of u2 performances in all destinations.
McCormick also left after a few weeks. The band members chose the name "Feedback" because it was one of the only technical terms they knew.
At first the band played mostly cover versions. Some of the early influences on the band were punk rock bands like the Jam, the Clash, the Bazookas and the Sex Pistols.

Getting started with a first concert

In April 1977 the band first appeared for a fee in front of an audience at a high school in Ireland. It was a first show and an exciting event.
Shortly afterwards, the band changed its name to "The Hype". In March 1978 the band changed its name to "U2".
This name uses SMS language (Ann) And in Internet slang. Hence the short way to selling tickets for U2 Tour shows.
Stephen Avril, a musician and family member of Adam Clayton, suggested the name of the band appeared in its new name on the talent show in Limerick on March 17, 1978, which it won.
The prizes were £ 500 and studio time to record a demo for CBS Records After a few days, Dick Evans left the band.
He then went on to a band called "Virgin Prunes".
The band used some of the money they won to record their first demo tape in April 1978 in Dublin, but the result for the event was not very good.
In the beginning, there was concern about the promotion of the U2 2020 concert ticket sales campaign.

Albums Tickets for performances in Europe

That same year, Paul McGuinness became the band's director. In August the band U2 recorded a demo of three songs with producer Chas de Wiley at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin.
The songs were "Stories for Boys" (White Stories), "Out of Control" (Out of Control) and "Boy-Girl".
A month later, the songs were released on the band's first mini-album through CBS. An exciting event with a future show.
The mini-album was called "Three" and was released in Ireland only. The 1000 copies that went on sale were sold almost immediately.
In December 1979, the band performed for the first time with a performance outside of Ireland, London,
But failed to get the attention of the audience and critics but tickets for U2 shows are sold en masse to the thing that everyone has been waiting for, a U2 show.

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