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A 2 cello performance, the talented musical ensemble embarks on a tour.
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The composition of 2Cellos performance

They are a Croatian cellist duo, consisting of classical cellists, Luca Šulić and Stefan Hauser. They have been signed to Sony Masterworks since 2011, they have released five albums. They play instrumental arrangements of well-known pop and rock songs, as well as classical and cinematic music. The international duo performs and has won appearances in a TV series on several American shows including Glee and The Bachelorette (Sean & Catherine's Wedding).

The big break

Ozer is from Paula, Croatia, and Šulić is from Maribor, Slovenia (for Croatian father and mother in Slovenia). They knew an artist class in Paula as early as their teens. Both were educated at the Academy of Music in Zagreb. Luca later studied in Vienna and both studied in the United Kingdom (Schulitz at the Royal Academy of Music in London and Hauser at Trinity College of Music, now the Trinity Conservatory of Stone in London and later at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester). The duo gained fame in 2011 after their cover of "Smooth Criminal" became a hit on YouTube, receiving over three million views in the first two weeks and almost 43 million views as of April 2021. The clip was created with the help of one of Hauser's acquaintances in Croatia, in May, creating a video for "Smooth Criminal ". The video shows Solich and Hauser competing alone in a large ballroom with chairs, playing Jackson's tune. Before becoming partners, the two cellists were sometimes considered rivals, competing with each other in music competitions.

Albums Tickets for performances abroad

2CELLOS signed a recording with Sony Masterworks, and finished recording their first album in May 2011, which carried the Menart Records label in Croatia. Released on July 19, 2011, their debut album is renowned, including covers for songs by U2, Guns N 'Roses, Nine Inch Nails, Sting, Coldplay, Nirvana, Muse and Kings of Leon. The album also features a cello version of Michael Jackson's "Human Nature." The duo said they chose songs that could be processed as playable covers on just two cellos. Ahead of the release, 2CELLOS have released their second single "Welcome to the Jungle", a cover of the song Guns N 'Roses of the same name.

Tickets and packages for 2 Cello performances 2 Cello Performances 2Cellos ⌋

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Tickets and packages for 2 Cello performances TIKAIR | Ticker | 2Cellos

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