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Santana (Santana) The American rock band returns after several years of hiatus,
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Santana (Santana) Is an American rock band based around guitarist Carlos Santana. The band was founded in 1967,
And became famous after her successful performance at the Woodstock Festival in 1969. The band's first three albums: "Santana", "Abraxas", and "Santana III",
Were very successful, and were ranked first in the Rolling Stone and Billboard charts.
In the following years the composition of the band was frequently changed. Also due to the influence of guru Sri Chinmoy on Carlos Santana,
The band switched to playing styles such as fusion jazz, blues, and soul, nevertheless the band retained its original style which consisted of a combination of rock and salsa and is known as Latin rock.
The band's popularity waned in the mid-1980s, however, after the release of their 1999 album "Supernatural" which won nine Grammy Awards in 1999, its popularity returned to normal.
In 1998, the band's members: Carlos Santana, Jose Chipito Arias, David Brown, Mike Cravelo, Greg Rowley, and Michael Shreve, were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The band's roots

The band was formed in 1967 in San Francisco by musician Tom Prazier, under the name "Carlos Santana Blues Band".
The first band members were Carlos Santana (guitar), Tom Prazier (guitar), Mike Carbolo (percussion), Rod Harper (drums), David Brown (bass guitar), and Greg Rowley (vocals and organ Hammond).
The band's first appearance took place in the late summer of 1967, in the presence of promoter Chet Helms, who began promoting the band.
In May 1969 the band recorded their debut album; Santana, which hit the markets in August of that year. The band performed on Saturday, August 16,
The second day of the Woodstock Festival. After their successful performance, the band gained much publicity and their album reached number four on the Billboard 200 charts.
Also the hit that stood out on the album; "Evil Ways" was ranked among the ten most played songs in 1969 in the United States.

Sand performances and albums

From the mid-1980s to the late 1990s, the band's popularity waned,
However, after the release of the album "Supernatural" featuring famous musicians such as Eric Clapton, Rob Thomas, C-Lo, Lorin Hill, Dave Matthews, and Eagle Ai Cherry,
Where the band is in the public consciousness. This album was a huge success, selling over 27 million copies. The album also won nine Grammy Awards,
And three Latin Grammy Awards, and was even recognized as the best-selling Latin album in the Guinness Book of Records.
In 2013 another album was released for the band, "Corazón". The album includes collaborations with well-known Latin artists such as Diego Torres and Juan.

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