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The band's history

The band was founded in 1979 by Joakim Larsen (as lead singer and keyboardist) and 17-year-old John Noorm (as guitarist) in Stockholm.
The two were joined by Peter Olson (bassist) and Tony Reno (drummer). The band called itself "Force"
And the first demo tape sent to record companies in Sweden was rejected on the grounds that the band members do not sing in Swedish.
In 1981, bassist Peter Olson was replaced by John Leven, and Larsen adopted the stage name "Joey Tempest" to make it easier for English speakers to pronounce his name.
According to him, the stage name was taken from Shakespeare's play "The Tempest", which he especially loves.
Despite the rejection of record companies, marketing tickets to European shows is a matter of time.

Albums Tickets for performances in Europe

A few months later, John Leven also left the band and was a member of the Swedish guitar virtuoso Ingway Melemstein during the album "Rising Force",
But immediately returned to "FORCE" after not getting along with the overbearing guitarist. In 1982 the band entered a young band competition called "SM-ROCK".
In honor of the event, the band changed its name to "EUROPE".
The band surpassed 4000 other bands and was ranked in first place, which earned it a first album distribution contract and a fine tour.
With the success of the album, tickets for European Amsterdam performances and all destinations began.
Tempest won the "Best Singer" award and John Noorm as the best guitarist.
After a few months, Europe's first album was recorded and distributed in Sweden and Japan and sold well.
The band's first hit - "Seven Doors Hotel", reached the top 10 in Japan.

Recordings and hits

After a year, the band's second album called "Wings of Tomorrow" was recorded.
From the album came the hit "Open Your Heart" which made the CBS record company take an interest in the band and offer them a contract and embark on a tour.
The tour resulted in success, halls were filled, tickets for performances by the band Europe Germany and in all destinations set out on a bold journey.
The band knew something was missing from their music and added Mick Michaeli to the keyboard position.
At first keyboards were only useful for performances but slowly Mick became a regular member of the band.
Following repeated absences from rehearsals and demonstration of lack of motivation on his part,
Drummer Tony Reno was fired from the band and replaced by Ian Hoglan. In 1985, the band recorded a soundtrack for the movie "On The Loose" and even participated in the film.
Among the bands that influenced the band members are the British heavy rock bands Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Wald Zeppelin, which are considered the "fathers of metal".


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