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Singer Sher was born by name Cheryl Sarkisian (Cherilyn SarkisianAt El Centro, California, USA, May 20, 1946.
Her mother Jackie Gene Crouch (changed her name in the future to Georgia Holt) is an actress and model of British and German descent with Native American roots.
Her biological father was John Sarkisian, a truck driver of Armenian descent who was addicted to drugs and gambling. Her parents divorced when Sher was very young and her relationship with her father was severed.
Holt later married banker Gilbert Le Pierre, who adopted Sher and had a younger sister, Georgian.
Due to a severe dyslexia problem, Cheryl was unable to progress in school and was forced to leave school at the age of 16.
At that time, Sher did not dream of being a singer, and certainly did not sell tickets to the singer's performances.

Beginning of career

Although her first name is Cherylin, the singer was referred to by her family as "Sher" in her youth, a nickname she carries with her without a last name even in her professional life.
In later interviews, Sher said that she decided at a young age that she wanted to engage in the field of entertainment, when she went to a movie with her mother, the movie Dumbo the Flying Elephant from Disney Studios.
After dropping out of school, Sherr moved to Los Angeles, California to try her luck at the game, but her plans changed after she met Sonny Bono,
Who worked at the time for producer Phil Spector. The age difference between Sony (then 27) and Sher did not stop them from falling in love and getting married.
After Sony accidentally heard his girlfriend sing to herself, he convinced Spector to hear her sing.
The producer was impressed and invited Sher to record backing vocals for some of the singers he worked with, including a popular girl band in those years, "The Ronettes."
This was the beginning of the singer's musical career, tickets for performances with performances by a singer in all destinations were a matter of time.

Albums Tickets for performances abroad

Sher's first single as a soloist is called "Ringo, I Love You" (Sher recorded the song under the stage name "Bonnie Jo Mason").
The song failed and listeners who were not particularly impressed by it, were confident that the low voice of "Bonnie Joe Mason" belonged to the singer and not the singer.
The second single released by Sher that year, "Dream Baby" (named "Sherilyn") was a bit more successful.
At one point Sony decided to try to make the solo soloist part of a duet. Thus was born the famous duo "Sony and Sher".
Already the first song they recorded together, "I Got You Babe", became famous and became a hit and reached number one on Billboard's 100 Hottest Singles list.
Sher's singer has led to the sale of tickets for Sher's performances in Amsterdam and all destinations.

Songs and hits on Billboard

Sony and Sher soon managed to put five songs simultaneously into the top 20 songs of the United States - an achievement that only the Beatles and Elvis Presley had reached before.
Sony and Sher have performed all over the world and become darlings of entertainment programs - and participated in every prestigious program of the time.
Over time, Sher - who at the beginning of her career was perceived as the duo's weak link on her stage fright, became a part of the duo's shy and quiet side,
To the more provocative side. In addition, Sher began to be known as a fashion leader, in her bold costumes,
And has had a huge impact on fashion in that its style: flared pants and hippie-style free-cut clothing, have become hits in stores.
The special style still leads of a minister, tickets to performances by the singer singer with a ministerial tour of the minister 2021.

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