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Phil Collins Singer, conductor and talented artist embarks on a tour.
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Beginning his career as a professional musician

His first professional work as a drummer was in the band "Flaming Youth",
Who released one album in 1969, called "Ark 2". After a year of touring,
Tensions arose between the band members and a lack of commercial success, which led to the band disbanding.
Fans were disappointed, at that time tickets for Phil Collins' performances in Europe were canceled.
In 1970 the Yes band almost lost drummer and co-founder Bill Bruford.
Collins met John Anderson (lead singer of the band) and was invited to audition for the role of drummer.
In the end, Collins decided not to make the distinction. Collins adored Broford, and may have been afraid to step into his shoes.
Five years later, Broford was drumming on Genesis 'live performances and so finally Broford got into Collins' shoes.

Albums Tickets for performances abroad

Soon after, Collins was invited to an important audition: George Harrison's first solo album, "All Things Must Pass".
Collins auditioned and was recorded as a drummer on the Congas drums but when he returned home,
Disappointed when he purchased the album and found that it is not mentioned at all in the credits list.
His name was included on the album exclusively in its reissue in 2000.
From here the road was paved for Phil, tickets for Phil Collins shows were sold en masse.

His return to the stage

March 2011, after a period of hints and rumors, Collins has announced his retirement from the music world due to mostly health issues.
During 2014 it was announced that Collins was collaborating with British singer Adele for her third album,
In songwriting. However it was later learned that this collaboration had come to an end and in the end Collins was not involved in the album.
In September 2015, it was announced that remakes of all of Phil Collins' albums had been released, including new photos for the record cover,
Blood recordings of songs and singles as well as recordings taken from live performances over the years.
Success was on the doorstep with the independent release of Phil Collins on the show. Phil Collins Concert Tickets Performances at all destinations have sold out en masse.

A project against all odds

The name of this project is "… Take A Look At Me Now" named after the well known line from the song "Against All Odds".
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Phil Collins Concert Tickets and Packages Phil Collins Performances ⌋

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