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Band Pat Shop Boys Famous British musicians embark on a tour.
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Background on the band

Pet Shop Boys (""Pat Shop Boys", Literally: Pet Shop Boys), are a pair of British musicians: vocalist Neil Tennant and keyboardist Chris Lowe.
They burst into consciousness in the mid-1980s with a string of electronic pop hits, and have since released many albums and hits,
Some are considered classics of pop music. They are known for composing melodic songs, and are often accessible and catchy,
Yet have a complex text that usually hides criticism or irony in many areas: love, sexuality,
Politics and culture. In addition, theatricality and affinity for the performing arts have become one of their hallmarks.
Tickets for the Pet Shop Boys show in Berlin have sold out en masse. They have over the years become one of the most successful British pop bands ever,
With global success spanning Britain, the United States, Europe, Japan and Russia.
The duo have also worked with a number of successful artists, such as: Elton John, David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Lisa Minley, Tina Turner, Madonna and more.

Albums Tickets for performances abroad

Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe first met at an appliance store in August 1981. The two showed a common interest - pop and dance music.
As a result, the two decided to meet again and write a number of songs, some of which would later become big hits: West End GirlsIt's A Sin and-Jealousy.
At first they were called West End, Named after their favorite London borough.
They later changed their name to "Pet Shop Boys" following the advice of mutual friends who worked at a pet store.
Despite the change, tickets for the Fat Shop Boys' performances continued to sell.

Singles and hits

The duo have stated over the years that they thought the name was reminiscent of the name of a British rap band from that era.
During 1983, Tennant was sent, then a reporter for the popular British music magazine Smash Hits, To interview members of the polis band.
Tenant also decided on that occasion to meet the band's legendary producer - Bobby Orlando, known as Boby O.
The two ate lunch together, and Bobby either suggested to the Tenant that he produce a record.
The result was West End Girls, Which became a club hit in Los Angeles in 1984, and was even less successful in France and Belgium.
Hurry up and grab your seat, tickets for the Pat Shop Boys 2020 shows are on the way.

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