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Scorpions A talented German hard rock band embarks on a tour.
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First of all

The band was formed in 1965 in Hanover, Germany by guitarist Rudolf Shenkar, the only member who will remain in the band throughout its years.
The band was initially influenced by rock bands that were popular in England at the time, especially the Beatles,
And played their songs in her live performances at the beginning of her career, with Rudolph himself performing the singing.
Even at the beginning of the band's career, tickets for the Scorpions' performances in the sand were sold en masse.
In 1970, the band was joined by lead singer Klaus Meina and lead guitarist Michael Shenkar, Rudolph's younger brother, with Rudolph himself serving as the rhythm guitarist.
Completed by bassist Luther Heimberg and drummer Wolfgang Dzioni, the band recorded and released their debut album, Lonesome Crow, in 1972.
Musically, the album was completely different from the familiar style the band would develop in the following years, and was heavily influenced by the Krautrock scene, a genre of progressive rock that was common in Germany.

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Although the album was not a commercial success, it showcased the talent of Michael Shenkar,
Who despite his young age (only 16 years old at the time of recording the album) demonstrated virtuosic abilities as a lead guitarist, and would later acquire a reputation as a heavy rock legend.
After the release of Lonesome Crow, the band went on tour around Germany to promote the album,
During it served as a warm-up band for the British rock band UFO. Towards the end of the tour, UFO invited Michael Shenkar to join its ranks,
This change did not interfere with the promotion of the band. Immortals were filled, tickets for Scorpions concert tickets at all destinations were sold out.
An offer he received in a short time. Perhaps John Roth, a friend of the Shenkar brothers, refused Michael's request to replace him with the band on a regular basis as lead guitarist,
However, he filled his place temporarily until the end of Scorpions' tour in the sand.

Dissolution of the band

Following the departure of Michael Shenkar, the band disbanded. After Roth helped the Scorpions complete their tour in the summer of 1973,
Both Roth and Rudolf Shenkar showed a willingness to continue working together, but Shenkar did not want to resurrect the disbanded band.
Instead, Shenkar joined a number of rehearsals of Roth's band, Dawn Road, and eventually decided to join the band,
Which included besides them bassist Francis Buchholz and drummer Jürgen Rosenthal.
Concert tickets continued to fill halls. The rock band Scorpions then continued their tour,
Shortly afterwards, Maine accepted Shenkar's invitation and also joined the band as lead singer.
Although the new lineup included more members from Dawn Road than members from Scorpions,
The band decided to act under the name Scorpions, as it had already become a household name in the German heavy rock scene, which was very small at the time.
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July 2022

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