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Band Spice Girls, A talented British girl band embarks on a tour.
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Band breakup and start

In the early 1990s, father and son Chris and Bob Herbert wanted to form a girl band that would compete with the popular boy bands that dominated the British music industry.
In 1994 a press release came out looking for girls aged 18 to 23, with the ability to sing and dance, but also ambitious, sociable and traditional.
Hundreds of contestants took the entrance exams, and five were finally selected: Victoria Adams, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Jerry Halliwell and Michelle Stevenson.
The band, which at the time was called "Touch" ("Touch"), moved in together, and together they rehearsed day and night.
With the selection of band members, tickets for performances at all destinations were a matter of time.
For the first two months the band worked on demo recordings and choreographies.
During rehearsals, however, Michelle Stevenson's mother contracted breast cancer, forcing her to leave the band.
Her mother Benton was soon found, who replaced Stevenson and despite her young age, quickly integrated.

Albums Tickets for sand performances

After Benton joined, the band returned to work.
The band members required their executives to present them to producers and company executives in order to sign a recording contract.
In December 1994 this happened, and they made their debut in front of producers and executives of senior companies.
Bob Herbert foresaw the cheers that the band received and rushed to offer a contract to manage the band,
However, the band members refused to sign the contract. They took the demos they recorded, left the house where they lived and cut off contact with the Herbert sons,

Debut Album

And looked for a new personal manager to get them a recording contract. At the same time, they decided to change the oil to "Spice" but discovered that the name was taken by another band,
And decided to call themselves "Spice Girls". Towards the end of 1994, the band began performing in front of various agency executives in order to find a personal manager. Finally,
The band members found Simon Fuller, who obtained a recording contract with "Virgin" in 1995 and the band began work on their debut album.
Until the moment the band disbanded, the halls were full, tickets for performances were snatched en masse.

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