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Snoop, his cousin Night Dog and his good friend Warren G. started recording sketches and together they formed the band 213.
Warren G. who was the stepbrother of the famous rapper Dr. Dre and formerly of the famous rap band NWA,
Tickets for Snoop Dogg have skyrocketed.
Made contact with his brother and sent Snoop to play his Dr. Dre Demos. Dera was impressed with Snoop and decided to record with him the song "Deep Cover" for the soundtrack of a movie of the same name.
Dre, who was a co-owner of Death Row Records, decided to sign Snoop to Death Row and take him under his wing.
Snoop was the most prominent man (apart from Dre himself) in singing and writing the lyrics for Dre's album The Chronic which was released in 1992 and was a great success.
Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggie became good friends and Dr. Dre agreed to produce a solo album for him as a sequel to his album.

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In August 1993, close to the release of his debut album, Snoop Dogg was accused of murdering Philip Voldomariam,
The head of the Insignia Creeps gang, a rival gang of Snoop Dogg in Los Angeles; After a lengthy trial, Snoop Dogg emerged eligible after proving he acted in self-defense.
In September 1993, his debut album Doggystyle was released and was a huge success.
Snoop's dizzying success led to a crazy sale of gigs, tickets to gigs soon ran out.
The album made history after entering number one on the album chart and became the first rap album in history to reach number one.
The singles from the album, "What's My Name" and "Gin And Juice", made it to the top 10 in America and stayed there for several months.
Before them no hip hop song could do that. Snoop Doggy Dog has been accused by conservative politicians and the public of encouraging violence and accusing the gangsta rap genre of encouraging crime.

Trial and acquittal

These accusations did not affect the success of the rapper nor his murder trial which was also discussed quite a bit and even helped him to become even more popular.
The ticket for rapper Snoop Dogg's shows continued to sell en masse.
In 1994, Snoop Dogg released a short film called Murder Was The Case about his murder trial, and also recorded the soundtrack for the film.
That same year he also released his second album, The Doggfather (pun on "The Godfather", "The Godfather",
As an allusion to the gangsta rap genre) and the latest in the recording company Death Row.

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