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System of eh Down The American No Metal band is embarking on a new tour.
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System of a Down (English: System of a Down; Free Translation: Mate's System) is an American no-metal band from Glendale, California,
Which began operations in the 1990s. All four members of the band are of Armenian descent, and some of the band's songs are even based on Armenian history or politics.
In May 2006 the band announced a temporary disbandment that would last several years, and in November 2010 returned to activity.
Due to its lyrics, the band is sometimes referred to as a "political band" similar to the American metal bands Rage Against the Machine and Marilyn Manson.

Performances in Europe and albums

In 1993, Darron Malkian met Serge Tenkian. Tankian was a key player in the band, and Malkian was the lead singer in another band.
Together they formed a band called "Soil", and Abu Odajian became the band's bassist. They later changed their name to "System of a Down",
According to a song that Malchian wrote. The song is called "Victims of the Down," but Tankian thought the word "system" would attract more audiences than "victims,"
And they wanted their album to appear in stores close to Slayer's albums. They then added Andy Katchaturian as drummer,
When he was later replaced by John Dalmian because he was injured in the hand.

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