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Singer Mark Knopfler, (Singer Mark Knopfler) The talented Scottish singer and guitarist embarks on a tour.
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Singer Mark Knopfler (in English: Mark Freuder Knopfler; Born 12 August 1949) is a Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist.
Known as the leader of the band Dyer Straits, he is ranked 44th on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 100 best guitarists of all time.
Guitarist Mark Knopfler differs from most rock players in his playing technique, in which he plays with his fingers and not with specs.
Mark Knopfler's uniqueness in the performance led to a wave of ticket sales for performances in Israel and other destinations.
With the band Dyer Straits, Knopfler released six studio albums, in which he wrote and composed all the songs. Between,
He managed to write songs for other artists (such as the song private dancer Latina Turner) and produced albums (including Bob Dylan).
Mark Knopfler also recorded several soundtracks for the movies (The Magic Princess, Cal, Wagging the Dog, A Local Hero, A Last Outing in Brooklyn and more).

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In the early 90's he released together with Chat Atkins an album that reflected his virtuosity as a guitar player and showed his fondness for country music.
His solo career so far includes six albums and shows Mark Knopfler performing differently - more mature and settled.
The touching guitar sounds and his deep, soft and cracked voice are his hallmarks.
Singer Mark Knopfler filled halls, tickets for Mark Knopfler performances in all destinations soon ran out.
Knopfler was also known for his friendship with Eric Clapton and together they went on many shows of solo tunes with each other.
As of 2011, over 120 million albums by Mark Knopfler Performances and Tenant Straits have been sold.
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Tickets and Packages for Mark Knopfler's Performances Mark Knopfler Performances ⌋

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