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Maroon 5 The members of the talented American pop rock band go on a tour.
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Three members of the band have known each other since middle school.
Together with drummer Ryan Dasik, the three formed a rock / grunge band called "Kara's Flowers",
The success led to insane ticket sales for Maroon 5 shows in Prague and the rest of the destinations soon ran out.
In 1995. The band signed a recording contract with "Reprise Records" (belonging to "Warner Music Group"), while the four were still in high school,
And in 1997 released their only album, "The Fourth World". The album was a commercial failure, so the contract between the record company and "Kara's Flowers" ended.
The album "The Fourth World" gained interest after Maroon 5 was released, so more copies were sold from the album than before it was released.
After the contract ended, the four split up, after attending various universities across the United States.
During this time they discovered new musical styles, and became interested in pop, rhythm and blues, soul music and gospel.

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This period of experience greatly influenced the style and sound of the band members. The four friends kept in touch throughout the period,
And began playing together again in 2001. Jesse Carmichael moved from guitar to keyboards, and was therefore added to the band by James Valentine, as guitarist.
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At the beginning of their journey, the band played in Los Angeles and New York. The band's lead singer, Adam Levin, revealed that these were periods that greatly influenced the band's playing style.
“During the time between our recording businesses I was in New York for a long time and there I was exposed to urban music style and hip-hop culture in a way that never happened to me in Los Angeles.
This completely led me to a different style of music that influenced the writing of my songs. "

Renaming the ill

Following the addition of Valentine, the five changed the band's name to "Maroon 5."
The band signed a global recording contract with "BMG", and began to establish itself in the American music industry.
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