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Singer Louis Tomlinson, The talented English singer embarks on a tour.
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Louis William Tomlinson (in English: Louis William Tomlinson; Born December 24, 1991) is an English singer, songwriter and reality judge. Known as a member of the boys band "One Direction". He began his career as an actor and starred in ITV's TV movie If I Had You and the BBC's Waterloo Road series. In 2010 he became a member of the band One Direction after being ousted from the reality reality song "The X Factor UK" as a solo performer. The band has released five successful albums, toured four world tours, and won several awards. Tomlinson is one of the band's lead songwriters.

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Tomlinson, along with his two sisters, starred in the series "Fat Friends." He then attended acting school in Barnsley. He starred in ITV's TV film If I Had You and in the BBC's Waterloo Road series.

In 2010, Tomlinson was auditioned for the seventh season of Reality Singing X Factor UK. But failed to qualify for the boys category in the competition. Following a proposal from guest judge Nicole Scherzinger, Louis joined the band along with 4 other boys who were also eliminated from the competition because the judges felt they were too good to be eliminated from the competition. Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Nail Horn and Zayn Malik joined the boys band and thus entered the bands category and continued in the competition. Harry Styles invented the name "One Direction".

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