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Lara Fabian The famous Belgian-Italian singer embarks on a tour.
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Beginning of career

The Luxembourg television channel RTL has offered Fabian to represent Luxembourg in the 33rd Eurovision Song Contest, held in 1988 in Dublin, Ireland.
Fabian agreed and performed the song "Croire". This performance earned her fourth place.
Although it did not win, "Croire" became a hit in Europe and soon sold half a million copies.
A song in English called "Trust" was recorded for the song, and a German version called "Glaub".
With the success of the recordings, tickets for Lara Fabian's performances in Israel and in all destinations were snatched en masse.
Upon graduation, Fabian traveled to Canada to promote the sales of her third single "Je Sais", and fell in love with Quebec. Thus, in 1991,
With two suitcases and a 10001 TP2T in her pocket, Fabian emigrated to Montreal, Canada, with a friend, and who would become her musical partner,
Rick Allison. In Canada she has set up her own record and public relations firm, Productions Clandestines.

Albums Tickets for performances in Europe

In August 1991, Fabian's debut album simply called "Lara Fabian" was released in Canada.
The album, recorded in Belgium, has sold more than 100,000 copies. In 1993 he won gold album status,
The album earned Lara a lot of performances, Lara Fabian's concert tickets soon ran out.
And in 1994 won platinum album status. The singles "Le Jour Où Tu Partira", "Les Murs", "Qui Pense à l'Amour"
Fabian was widely publicized in the media, and was nominated for a number of ADISQ Awards in 1993.

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