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Keys Band, the famous American glam rock band and hard rock set out on a tour - Kiss Band.
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History of the Keys Band 

Kiss Band was formed in 1972 by singer and guitarist Paul Stanley (Stanley Harvey Eisen) and Israeli-born bassist Gene Simmons (Haim Weitz).
Born in Tirat Carmel, they were joined by drummer Peter Chris and guitarist Ace Perley as lead guitarist.
In 2008 Keys embarked on a tour of Europe and the United States to celebrate 35 years of creation.
During the years of its operation, the band was a great success and to this day, more than 100 million copies of its albums have been sold worldwide.
In 1983 the band decided to remove the makeup, and on September 18 of that year the band first appeared on MTV without its well-known makeup.
Until 1996, the band performed without makeup. Fans loved the new punk, Keys show tickets soon ran out.
In addition, the band also underwent a musical change - they started creating glam metal inspired by the young bands of the 80s.
In 1996 the original band reunited and they re-appeared with makeup and returned to their original musical style,

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Keys created happy, light and simple rock 'n' roll music and her catchy songs swept the masses. Keys performance tickets sold out en masse.
Keys was one of the pioneers of a new style that began to appear in those years: Hard Rock.
Keys' lyrics were also simple, accordingly, and she talked about love for women, parties and rock 'n' roll,
As evidenced by the names of the band's best known songs: Rock and Roll All Nite ("Rock 'n' Roll All Night"), I Was Made for Loving You ("I was created to love you"),
God Gave Rock N 'Roll To You II ("God gave you rock 'n' roll II"), Detroit Rock City ("Detroit Rock City"),
Shout It Out Loud ("Shout it out loud") andLet Me Go Rock n 'Roll ("Let Me Do Rock 'n' Roll").
In 2004 the guitarist of the Groove Metal Panthera band, Dembag Darrell was shot to death and buried in his hometown,
In a coffin on which are painted the characters of the Keys band along with one of Eddie Van Halen's famous guitars.

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June 2022

202210Jun19:30Kiss DerbyCome see one of the most successful bands in an amazing once in a lifetime show. Book tickets for Keys' show and secure your spot19:30
* Event dates and times may vary, it is your responsibility to keep track of updates as the event is produced
(GMT + 03: 00)
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