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Air Supply or as it is called in Hebrew air supply The famous light rock band goes on a tour.
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Founding of the band and the first years

Russell Hitchcock, Graham Russell and Chrissy Hammond met in May 1975, performing the Australian production of Andrew Lloyd and Bar & Tim Rice's musical "Superstar Jesus."
With Hammond and Hitchcock, singing and Russell playing the guitar, they formed a vocal harmony band in Melbourne, while the show ran.
Hammond left the vocal band, and was replaced by Jeremy Paul on bass guitar and vocals in 1976. Together, Hitchcock, Russell, and Paul they founded Air Supply.
The first single, "Love and Other Bruises", was released in November 1976 and reached number 6 on the Australian charts in January 1977.
Air Supply later released their debut album in December, reaching number 17 on the Australian charts.
Other singles from the album entered the charts but did not reach the top 40. They then went on a nationwide tour.

Albums Tickets for performances abroad

Their second album, "The Thing's Started", also produced by Dawkins, was released in July 1977.
The album spawned the singles "Do What You Do" (June), "That's How the Whole Thing Started" (October) and "Do It Again" (February 1978),
But an album and singles did not make it into the top 40 in the chart. At the end of 1977 the band performed in a warm-up show with performances by singer Rod Stewart during his tour in Australia.
He invited them to continue to the United States and Canada. Their third album, "Love & Other Bruises", which included reruns of several previous songs,
The tour was successful, tickets for the shows were sold en masse.

Air Supply Songs

Was made in the middle of a tour of Los Angeles in July-August, and was released later that year in the United States by Columbia Records with Jimmy Horowitz in charge of the production.
During the tour, Paul left the band left with a new lineup of Hitchcock, Macara and Russell, along with Rex Goa on guitar, Joey Carbon on keyboards,
It did not hurt the tour, Air Supply tickets continued to be sold.
Robin to Masuria on lead guitar and Howard Sukimoto on bass guitar. In 1980, Paul recruited a former friend of Bayer Supply McKenthe,
And on Divinil's team, on the front with Chrissy Amplett, Air Supply performed in London as a warm-up for Chicago (N) and singer Booz Skaggs (N).

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