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Iron Maiden The famous British heavy metal band embarks on a tour - Iron Maiden Tour. Tickets for the shows are snatched - so hurry to secure your place!
Secure tickets for all of Iron Maiden's shows and concerts in Europe and at all destinations are now available atTicker.
Tickets can only be purchased for a performance by the Iron Maiden band or a package that includes tickets and is tailored to you personally.
Ask your Ticket sales representative for special packages and tickets for an Iron Maiden show in Israel in 2021 or at your favorite destination, a once-in-a-lifetime event.
Tour of Iron Maiden performances, tickets and concert packages.
It does not matter if it is Iron Maiden in Israel or Iron Maiden performances in Europe, safe tickets only buy Batikair.
It is already possible to purchase tickets for performances in Europe and vacation packages with performances abroad.

Iron Maiden Tour History

Members of the concert band and heavy metal Iron Maiden create heavy music,
Deep and melodic, featuring long instrumental solo pieces and intricate harmonies of electric guitars and drums,
With a strong emphasis on bass guitar. The band's guitarists share the solo sections.
Also noteworthy is their album Seventh Son of a Seventh Son from the 1980s,
Who made innovative use of keyboards and synthesizers at the time, led to a successful tour, tickets for Iron Maiden performances were sold en masse.
Which had not been accepted in metal music until then (but Iron Maiden never included a keyboardist as a regular band member).
Another characteristic of their work is the extensive use that the band's lead singer Bruce Dickenson makes of the pentatonic scale in his singing.

Albums Tickets and performances abroad

Iron Maiden's music is quite diverse, and the band's style has undergone many changes between its various albums,
However, tickets and packages for Iron Maiden performances in Israel 2020 are also sold in all destinations.
Depending on the turnover of the band members over the years. The band's main genre is classical metal,
But among the genres the band has approached are also punk rock, rock'n'roll, progressive rock and more.
The band's style can be divided according to the change in the lead singer's position. If in the early period of the band,
In which Paul Diano was the lead singer, the songs tended to be more "bouncy" and "light" in content and music,
Their style deepened and matured with the entry of lead singer Bruce Dickenson into the band. In the 1990s,
Tickets for Iron Maiden performances in the country are also on sale when Blaise Bailey replaced Dickenson as lead singer.
The band's style turned even more to philosophical and contemplative content, and to quieter and less heavy music,
This style remained even after Dickenson's return to the band.

Theme of the songs of the band Iron Maiden with a concert in all destinations

The themes of Iron Maiden's songs are varied, including death and wars, such as "Run to the Hills", "Hallowed Be" Thy Name "
, "Die With Your Boots On" and "The Trooper" (whose theme is the Light Brigade assault),
As well as historical and mythological themes, such as "Alexander the Great", "Flight of Icarus", "Seventh Son of A Seventh Son" and others.
Other songs deal with the unconscious, and the wild dreams of Steve Harris, the band's bassist.
Many of Iron Maiden's songs are political songs that deal with wars and historical battles.
One example can be found in the song "The Trooper" (for details on the subject, see Politics in Metal - Iron Maiden and the Light Brigade Assault).
In addition, various songs deal with women, the most prominent of which are those belonging to the Charlotte trilogy,
Which entitles the band to the hassle of selling tickets to gigs, tickets to Iron Maiden at all destinations.
Among the bands that influenced the band members are the British heavy rock bands Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Wald Zeppelin, which are considered the "fathers of metal".
Hurry up and take your place, Iron Maiden ticket sales have already begun.

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