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Evansens is the American rock band that returns after several years of hiatus,
Evansense comes to bounce you off with a tour. Tickets are snatched - so hurry to secure your place!
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Tickets and packages for Evansense performances are available at all destinations.
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Beginning Evansance Band

Evansens 'band members' path was short, tickets and packages to the Evansens show were a matter of time.
The band Evansens was formed by the duo Ben Moody and Amy Lee. The two first met at a youth summer camp,
In a conservative-Christian town in the state of Arkansas in late 1995, when they were 14 and 15 years old.
Amy Lee and Ben Moody at the show, 2003 One month after they met, the two have already started playing cover versions and original sketches.
In small acoustic performances in bookstores and cafes in Little Rock and also recorded amateurishly in their parents' homes.
Between 1997 and 1999, the interpersonal bond began to tighten and slipped further into a relationship.

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Their first songs were "Solitude" (written by Lee) followed by "Understanding" (Moody), "Give Unto Me" (Lee) and "My Immortal" (Moody).
In all of these poems there is a common writing credit for the two, although in terms of writing they worked separately.
And yet, tickets for Evansense's shows are on the way.
It was said that Ben was the lead songwriter and most of the time Amy would rewrite his lyrics and add her own melodies and voices.
The couple did not have the financial resources to create a permanent vehicle. As a result, Moody turned to a number of amateur musicians from the rock scene in the city,
Including John LaCompet and Rocky Gray from the Christian metal bands Kill System, Mindrage, A Living Sacrifice and Soul Embraced,
And bassist William Boyd from the punk bands Lucky Father Brown and The Visitors, who worked with them on a number of demo recordings.
These musicians helped to form in fact the full line-up of Evansens at the beginning of its commercial path.

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