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The beginning of the band's path

The band began their journey in the town of Sligo in Ireland, with Shane Feilen, Kian Egan and Mark Fahili playing together in a local production of the musical Grease,
And decided to form a band together with three other members. The band was called "Six as One".
The tour expanded sales, concert tickets were sold en masse.
The band was then renamed IOYOU, following the instructions of producer Simon Cowell (who is responsible for successful ensembles such as Pave and the Spice Girls),
One member left the band and the band recorded their first single that reached only local stores in and around Sligo and was a success.

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Shane Phillan's mother later turned to promoter Louis Walsh to examine the boys and sign them. Louis had no leisure for another boy band at the time,
And he turned to Ronan Keating (a member of the Bison band) who were his first successful band, and offered to lead the band with him.
The band sold tickets to gigs at a dizzying pace and even filled halls.
Ronan agreed and the band was changed: two members of the band went out, there were acceptance tests for two others and Nicki Byrne and Brian McFadden,
Two boys from Dublin, were chosen to join in their place. This is how the band "Westside" was formed with five members: Brian McFadden, Nicki Byrne, Shane Faylen, Kian Egan and Mark Fahili.
At the beginning of their journey, Westlife was the backstage show of the Backstreet Boys. They warmed up Boison's tour,
Participated in the Smash Hits magazine tour and won the Best New Artist Award from that magazine that year.
The band was later renamed from Westside to Westlife to avoid lawsuits because it was discovered that other bands bear the name "Westside".

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