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About the Cure Band

Band members The Cure (in English: The Cure; Verbal translation: The drug) Is a British rock band.
The band was formed in 1976 in Crowley, UK by Robert Smith, Lawrence Thulhurst and Michael Dempsey.
At first the young band was called "Easy Cure" after one of their songs,
But after being signed by record label Hansa soon changed its name to a more catchy name,
The Cure. Since then the band has been active with many changes in the lineup with the only one who has maintained his place since its inception being Robert Smith, the band's leader.
Despite the changes the band went through, tickets to Cure shows in Athens and all destinations have become very popular.
Over the years the band has switched between different musical styles, such as gothic rock,
Alternative rock and post-punk. The band is also known for its original and colorful video clips.

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Cure members greatly influenced the music of the 1980s and 1990s,
And today its signs are evident in young bands from around the world (the Bravery, the Killers, Muse and the like).
Their debut single "Killing an Arab" which was released in 1978 and their debut album "Three Imaginary Boys" which was released a year later,
There were important milestones in the development of the post-punk and new wave movements that developed following the punk rock scene in the UK.
This led to a crazy sale of tickets to the Cure Band's performances.
During the early 1980s the band's musical style (kicking and tormenting) as well as the unique look of lead singer Robert Smith,
Were very significant in creating the emerging style called Gothic rock.

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After the release of their album "Pornography" in 1982, which was minimalist, bleak and gloomy the future of the band was not clear.
Smith was eager to move on and change style. With the band's style change, albums sold en masse, and tickets for performances were soon snatched away.
A number of hits have helped promote the band commercially and their success has greatly contributed to the band's popularity:
"Let's Go to Bed" (1982), "Just Like Heaven" (1987), "Lovesong" (1989), "Friday I'm in Love" (1992) ".
It is estimated that as of 2014 the band has sold about 27 million records, released thirteen studio albums, ten albums and over thirty singles.

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