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Deep Purple A band, English rock and the talented go on a tour.
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The beginning

The Deep Purple Band was officially founded in 1968, in England, by five members: keyboardist John Lord,
Guitarist Richie Blackmore, vocalist Rod Evans, bassist Nick Simper, and drummer Ian Pace.
With the beginning of the band's time, tickets for Deep Purple's performances in Israel and all the destinations were not very successful.
The band's previous name, Roundabout, was renamed Deep Purple, after a song by Larry Clinton that was beloved by Blackmore's grandmother.
In the beginning, the band mostly focused on cover versions of other songs.
In her first three albums: Shades of Deep Purple, The Book of Taliesyn, and Deep Purple,
The band managed to reach the charts in the United States, but had almost no success in the UK, the homeland of its members.

Albums Tickets for performances in Europe

The band's musical direction during this period was based on the playing of keyboardist John Lord, whose original specialty was classical music.
With the success came the sale of tickets for Deep Purple tickets performances at all destinations.
The composition of the band changed with the departure of Evans and Simper, when they were replaced by lead singer Ian Gillen and bassist Roger Glover.
Both were acquaintances of Blackmore, and members of a band called Episode Six, before joining the Deep Purple band.
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Tickets and packages for Deep Purple performances Deep Purple Performances ⌋

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