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Jeff Lynn The singer and guitarist is coming out with a new tour,
Jeff Lynn is coming to bounce you off with a tour. Tickets are snatched - so hurry to secure your place!
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In 1963, Jeff Lynn, Robert Ryder and David Walsh formed a band called The Andicaps.
They trained at the Shard End Community Center, and performed weekly. In 1964, Ryder Walsh left the band,
And Lynn brought in replacements. In late 1964 Lynn decided to leave to replace Mick Adkins in the local band The Chads.
In 1966 Lynn joined the band as The Guitarist as The Nightriders.
The band soon changed its name to The Idle Race. Although they recorded two critically acclaimed albums,
Success eluded them. In 1970, Lynn accepted an offer from a friend named Roy Wood to join a more successful band called The Move.

Albums and performances in Europe

Lynn contributed songs to The Move's last two albums, while he, Roy Wood and Bab in Greece formed a band that would combine rock and classical European music,
A project that would later become the very successful band Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). Internal conflicts led to the fact that in 1972,
After their first successful album as ELO, Wood left the band. His departure left Lynn as ELO's leading creative force.
This was followed by a series of band changes, but the band's next albums: ELO II, On The Third Day, Eldorado and Face the Music gained popularity.
With the record A New World Record, Lynn has completely abandoned the band's roots in favor of a unique pop-rock style. Lynn's almost complete control as a producer,


A songwriter, lead singer and guitarist could have made ELO look almost like a solo project. Yet,
There is no doubt that the sound of ELO and the focus on Lynn's writing were also shaped by Lewis Clark's partnership in the organization,
Bab's drumming in Greece, and the combination of keyboard technology, which was new at the time, is the responsibility of Richard Tandy.
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