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Joe Bonamesa The legendary guitarist embarks on a tour.
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solo career

Bonamasa was born in Utica, New York.
He began playing the guitar at the age of four, encouraged by his father, who was an avid music lover and exposed it to British blues-rock records by Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck,
And inspired him greatly.
 At age 11, Joe was mentored and trained by American guitar legend Danny Getton.
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When he was 12 he had his own band called Smokin 'Joe Bonamasa, which toured western New York and Pennsylvania,
Includes cities like Scranton and Buffalo, but only on weekends since Joe studied weekdays.

Bonmasa played the 1972 Fender Stratocaster Fender he called "Rosie," which his father bought at the Utica, New York.

Albums Tickets for performances abroad

Bonamas opened for BB King in about 20 shows in 1989.
Before he turned 18, Bonamasa played in a band called Bloodline with the sons of Miles Davis, Robbie Krieger, and Berry Oakley.

Although Bloodline did not become a famous act, it drew some attention to Bonamas' guitar pieces.
Bonamesa's debut studio album, New day yesterday, Released in 2000,
The attention he drew aroused a lot of interest, tickets for Joe Bonamasa tickets were hard to come by.
And it features original melodies and covers by artists like Rory Gallagher, Jethro Tull, Warren Haynes.
The album features a guest by Greg Widow to the tune of "If Heartaches Were Nickels" and produced by Tom Daoud.
The album reached number 9 At the Billboard Parade Blues. 

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