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Performance by Bruce Springsteen, the talented American songwriter and singer embarks on a tour.
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Bruce Springsteen Performance

Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen (in English: Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen; Born September 23, 1949) is an American singer, songwriter, composer, musician and humanitarian activist. Known as "The boss"(The Boss).
Springsteen is identified with a poetic writing style that mixes elements of folk rock and American music. Many of his poems combine texts from his personal life along with the American working class life with which he is identified.
Springsteen's discography, which began its musical path as early as 1965, is diverse and includes both popular and commercial rock music and gloomier folk-rock music. His most successful studio albums - Born to Run from 1975 and "Born in the USA" from 1984, demonstrate Springsteen's ability to describe powerfully and with identification, with attention to detail, the lives of the working class and the lower-middle class in the United States.

The big break

Springsteen began to be attracted to the world of music at the age of seven, after watching Elvis Presley appear on Ed Sullivan's show in 1956. Presley was one of Springsteen's favorite artists in his youth, who even tried on the night of April 29, 1976, to enter the night at Presley's Graysland estate with Stephen Van Zandt. , A friend from the Island Street Band, to ask him to give his opinion on a song Springsteen wrote at the time called "Fire" as a tribute, in his 1975 album Born to Run, photographed Springsteen with a button from his Presley fan club in New York.

Albums Tickets for performances abroad

In 1984, Springsteen returned with "Born in the USA", the album most identified with him, which sold 10 million copies worldwide in one year (19 million copies in total) and remains to this day Springsteen's most successful album throughout his career. This album is accompanied by a world-wide tour that lasted more than a year and a half. During this tour, Springsteen got married and divorced from actress and model Julian Phillips.

Bruce Springsteen Concert Tickets and Packages Bruce Springsteen Performances Bruce Springsteen ⌋

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