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Bon Jovi The talented American singer and band go on a tour.
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Forming the band

Singer John Bon Jovi became interested in music at the age of 13, when he began playing guitar and piano.
At this age he formed his first band called "Raze". When he was 16 he met David Brian and formed a band called "Atlantic City Expressway '" which performed cover versions for various artists.
The band performed at nightclubs in New Jersey, even though they were minors at the time.
Tickets for Bon Jovi performances in Israel and at all destinations were a matter of time.
In the summer of 1982, Bon Jovi finished his studies and began working at Power Station Studios - a recording studio in Manhattan that was owned by his cousin,
Tony Bonjubi. Bon Jovi recorded a number of demo songs in the studio and sent them to many record companies, but received no response.

Albums Tickets for performances abroad

In 1983, Bon Jovi arrived at a local radio station in New York and broadcaster Jeep Hubert made him an offer:
The radio station will include his song "Runaway" on a collection album by local artists.
Bon Jovi agreed and the song "Runaway" began playing on regional radio stations in the New York area. Thanks to the publicity gained by the song,
A number of record companies approached Bon Jovi and he decided to form a more professional band. Concert Tickets with Bon Jovi Tour began to sell en masse.

The performances

Immediately after the formation of the band, the band participated in several performances in local clubs,
Mainly as a heating band. One of the performances caught the attention of recording director Derek Schulman, who hurried to sign the band with Mercury Records.
Before releasing the first album, the young band was looking there; At the same time,
The band's lead singer changed his name from John Francis Bongiovi to Jon Bon Jovi and the band decided to use his new last name as a band name on a regular basis.
Bon Jovi turned to David Brian who attended Juilliard School while it in turn turned to bassist Alec John Satch and later to drummer Tico Torres.
The sales frenzy of Bon Jovi concert tickets at all destinations continues even today.

members of the band

Torres was an experienced drummer who had already recorded a number of songs with Miles Davis and Chuck Berry, among others.
Following the change, tickets for Bon Jovi shows sold out en masse.
The band then added Richie Sambora after the latter approached Bon Jovi at the end of one of the shows and asked him to be distinguished as a guitarist for the band.
Sambora was also an experienced player who participated in a tour with Joe Cocker and was also auditioned for the band Keys at the time.

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