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Eros Ramzotti Singer, the young and talented Italian goes on a tour. Tickets are snatched - so hurry to secure your place!
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Breaking into consciousness

In 1984, Ramatsuti burst into consciousness, winning the Young Talent Festival at the San Remo Festival,
In his poem: "Terra Promessa"(Italian:" Promised Land "), written for him by Italian musicians Renato Brioski and Alberto Salerno.
The song was a huge success, and his album was released in Europe due to the record company defining the rising talent as "international talent", even though he sang in Italian.
In 1985, Ramatsuti returned to compete at the San Remo Festival, winning the competition in sixth place, with his song: "An important story", (Italian:" important story "),
Who appeared on his debut disc: "Cuori Agitati"(Italian:" excited hearts ").
Tickets for Eros Ramzotti's performances at all destinations are snatched en masse.
The song burst into the entire European consciousness, selling millions of copies across the continent, of which over a million copies in France.

Albums Tickets for performances abroad

In 1986, Ramatsuti participated in the San Remo Festival for the third time in a row. In this competition, he won first place in his song:
"Adesso Tu"(Italian:" Now You Are ") and released his second album:"Nuovi Eroi"(Italian:" New Heroes ").
In 1998, he performed with Tina Turner the "The Best", In a joint performance.
The success of the joint performance with Tina led to a successful tour, tickets for Eros Ramzotti performances in all destinations.
After this festival, Ramatsuti participated in dozens of other festivals, releasing about ten albums.
His album "Calma Apparente"(Italian:" Seemingly Calm "), hit stores on October 28, 2005.

The hot thing

Even then tickets to Eros Ramzotti's shows in Italy and in all destinations were the hottest thing.
The millions of copies sold of this album worldwide have joined more than 35 million records he has sold to date.
Ramatsuti's poem, "An Emotion Forever"(Italian:" Eternal Emotion "), which was published in 2003,
Considered Ramatsu's most successful to date, he reached number one on the Italian, Swiss and Latin charts that year,
And has won high rankings in other European countries.
Hurry up and take your place, Eros Ramzotti 2022 is on its way.

Tickets and packages for Eros Ramzotti's performances Eros Ramzotti Tickets ⌋

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