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Tickets and Packages for Andre Rio's Concerts 2021 | Andre Rieu | Andre Rio Tickets | Andrea Rio performances

You are all invited to concerts in a slightly different atmosphere! Performances of Andre Rio Performances in all destinations, the violinist, conductor and composer known in the special concerts,
In them he performs with classical music as if it were a rock show - when he faces the audience and he excites him while using various gimmicks.
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In 1978, Rio formed his first orchestra, the "Maastricht Orchestra Salon", with which he performed in the Netherlands, Germany and even the United States.
At that time, until 1989, he was employed as a violinist in the Limburg Symphony Orchestra. In 1987, Rio founded his own production company,
And his current orchestra, the Johann Strauss Orchestra. The orchestra, which started with 12 musicians, now numbers about 50 musicians.
The first concert, on New Year's Day 1988, drew a short tour of the Benelux and Germany.
At the same time, his performance in the Stage Orchestra Suite (Jazz Suite No. 2, Op. 38) by Dmitry Shostakovich was very successful in the Netherlands.
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Andre Rio performances

Named "The Second Waltz", Rio recognized a renewed interest in waltz music, which he was quick to take advantage of. His first album, "From the Netherlands in Love" released in 1994,
Was a huge success and was Andrea Rio's big breakthrough.
The album has been on the list of the top ten albums in the Netherlands (Top 10) for more than ten years.
In Germany the album climbed to the top 5 list and achieved several gold and platinum albums in a short time.
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Albums Tickets for performances in Europe

In the following years, Rio held huge concerts with his orchestra all over Europe, which led to the sale of tickets for performances at a crazy pace.
The United States, Canada, Japan and Australia and his upcoming albums are breaking records and are in charts even above international pop icons like Madonna.
In 2001, Rio set up a private recording studio, where he has since produced all of his albums and soundtracks and music videos. Even then the success was great, tickets and packages for Andre Rio performances were sold en masse.
To date, Rio has won several awards, including two world music awards, and has released gold and platinum albums in many countries. Andrea Rio was a great success.
He also received, along with his orchestra, a Gold-of-Honor Medal from the City of Maastricht.
Some of his shows have been broadcast in the UK and the US by PBS,
Including performances in Dublin, Ireland and the main square of Cortona, Tuscany.
Rio plays the valuable and ancient Stradivarius violin, made in 1667.
In April 2018, Rio held four performances at Menora Mivtachim Hall in Tel Aviv, even in the early stages Tickets for Andre Rio's performances in Israel soon ran out.
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