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Andrea Bocelli Andrea Bocelli | Andrea Bocelli Performances

Tickets and Packages for Andrea Bocelli's Performances Andrea Bocelli | Andrea Bocelli Tickets

Singer Andrea Bocelli has long since become a cultural icon and one of the most successful Italian artists in the world arena.
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Hacking and starting a career

In 1992, Bocelli auditioned for Italian rock singer Zuckro,
Who was looking for a classical tenor to record a "demo" of a song "Miserere"Who wrote for opera singer Luciano Pavarotti. After hearing the demo,
Pavarotti convinced Zuckro to record the song with Bocelli and not with him, since Bocelli is best suited for the song.
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Katrina Cassley, who was involved in producing the song, decided to give Bocelli a chance. Cassley is Bocelli's producer and organizer to this day.

Albums Tickets for performances abroad

Zuckro persuaded Pavarotti to record the song with him, and it became a hit in Europe. Tickets for singer Andrea Bocelli's concerts have sold out en masse.
On Zuckro's tour in 1993, Bocelli accompanied him on a song, and even got a chance to sing solo in shows, like Nonson Dorma from Puccini's Tornado.
Bocelli signed a recording contract with a company Sugar Recordes From Milan, after the company owner heard it from Minister Nanson Dorma at Zuckro's birthday party.
In November of that year he attended the San Remo Festival and reached a high place.
In the same year he made his debut in the world of classical music, when he performed in a concert atTeatro Romolo Valli Reggio Emilia.

Andrea Bocelli songs

In 1994 his first album was released "It calms down the sera",
And immediately entered the list of the ten best-selling albums in Italy and won a platinum album within a few weeks.
In May of that year he toured with Italian pop singer Gerardina Trubato.
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In September he performed at Pavarotti's annual charity concert in Modena,
There he sang the Mattinata Of Rogero Launqualo and sings in a duet with Pavarotti the Notte e Piscatore Of Morante.
In the same month he appeared for the first time in an opera production, in the role of a digger in the opera Macbeth by Vardi,
At the Vardi Theater in Pisa. At Christmas he appeared in Rome before Pope John Paul

Tickets and Packages for Andrea Bocelli's Performance Andrea Bocelli Performances

Finding performances

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