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Il Volo IL VOLO | Il Volo Tour

Tickets and Packages for Il Wool's Performances IL VOLO | Il Volo Tickets

Il Volo The Italian boys' band is embarking on a new tour,
Eyal Volo come to bounce you off with a tour. Tickets are snatched - so hurry to secure your place!
Tickets for the Il Volo show at all destinations are now available Batikair.
You can purchase tickets for performances only for Eyal Volo's tour or a package that includes tickets for performances and is tailored to you personally.
Ask your sales representative Ticker For special packages for a performance by Il Volo at your favorite destination.
Available Tickets and packages for Il Volo performances at all destinations.
It is already possible to purchase tickets for performances in Europe and vacation packages with performances abroad.

The beginning

(Leave You a Song) (2009-10) In 2009, Piero Baron, Iñacio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble were among teenagers competing in a poetry competition on Italian television Ti lascio and Lancanza Ona, which took place at the Teatro Ariston in San Remo and aired in Rai. During the first few episodes they performed a few songs as solo artists. Among other things, Gianluca Ginobel's performance of the film "Il mare calmo della sera", originally by Andrea Bocelli, won the first episode of the show,
And later reached number one during the finals held on May 2, 2009. The show's director and creator, Roberto Sensei, had the idea to put them together,
In order to create a trio similar to the three tenors (Placido Domingo, Jose Carres and Luciano Pavarotti).
During the fourth episode of the show they performed together for the first time, singing the classic Neapolitan song "'O sole mio". While in Los Angeles,
Italian singer and songwriter and music producer Tony Rennis, casually discovered their performance through Rai International.
Already at that time began the tour and sale of Tickets and packages for Eyal Volo performances In all destinations began.

Albums and performances abroad

After their recent TV appearances on Bruno Vespa's "Forte a Forte" and on "Il meglio d'Italia" with Enrico Brigniano.
They returned to New York for a duet with Laura Fawcini who desperately wanted them to be her guests.
Along with equally famous international stars, in a performance dedicated to his twenty-year career.
Il Volo Lodz "now for sale Batikair, Hurry up and take your place.

Finding performances

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