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Eyal Divo The British band is coming out with a new tour,
Eyal Divo Come bounce you with a tour. Tickets are snatched - so hurry to secure your place!
Concert Tickets Eyal Divo All destinations are now available Batikair.
Tickets for performances can only be purchased for Eyal Divo A tour or a package that includes tickets for performances and is tailored to you personally.
Ask your sales representative Ticker On special packages for the appearance of Eyal Divo At your favorite destination.
Available Tickets and packages for Eyal Divo performances at all destinations.
It is already possible to purchase tickets for performances in Europe and vacation packages with performances abroad.


Eyal Divo (in English: The Divo) Is a band formed in the UK in 2004, by Simon Cowell.
The band has four members: David Miller, Sebastian Isembard, Urs Bohler and Carlos Marin.
The idea behind Il Divo's work came to Cowell after he heard the song "Con te Partiro" performed by Andrea Bocelli while watching "Sopranos".
In 2004, the quartet of opera singers "G4" appeared in the UK and participated in Simon Cowell's television program - "The X Factor".
They finished in second place, but were signed by Sony Music Entertainment. Cowell was already aware of this new appreciation for lyrical voices and classical music,
And decided to form an international quartet (the band members come from Spain, Switzerland, France and the United States, although the band's name is in Italian) which recreates the style of the three tenors.

Overseas performances and albums

The band has performed in many countries around the world, and in November 2017 held a cruise around Mexico and the United States.
And several times in Israel as well.
The sale of tickets and packages for Eyal Divo's performances has already begun.
Hurry up and take your place.

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