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Editors The English rock band embarks on a once-in-a-lifetime tour.
Editors Comes to bounce you with a tour. Tickets are snatched - so hurry to secure your place!
Concert Tickets Editors All destinations are now available Batikair.
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The band members became acquainted while studying music technology at the University of Staffordshire.
They lived in Birmingham and initially played in all sorts of small places in the city and obtained a recording contract. In a 2015 interview Tom Smith said that 'Birmingham is very important.
Looking back, we all lived there together for the first few years, played in all these little places, and then got a recording contract.
"Even though only one of us grew up there, we always said that Birmingham was the band's home."
The band was first called Pilot and made its first appearance under that name in 2002. While in college,
The band members built a marketing strategy that included sticking hundreds of advertising stickers on the walls of Staffordshire that asked "Who's the Pilot?".
They discovered that the name already belonged to a Scottish pop band from the 70s and decided to change it to The Pride.
The band released a promo under that name with the songs "Come Share the View" and "Forest Fire" and uploaded them to the Internet.
The band then downloaded the songs from the internet to create mystery and to ensure that representatives from record companies would come and see them perform.

Beginning of career

During 2004, the various band members worked part-time while continuing to be part of the band.
They performed around the Midlands and soon word of mouth helped them become a popular band.
While in college, the band constructed a marketing strategy which involved placing hundreds of promotional stickers across the walls of Stafford asking "Who's the Pilot?".
The band released a blood tape of the song "Bullets" and garnered the attention of several British record companies.
In October 2004, the band was signed by the independent record label Kitchenware Records. After the signing, the band changed its name to Editors.

Overseas performances and albums

The Editors were described as a dark indie band and were inspired by bands like Echo & the Bunnymen, U2, Joy Division, The Strokes, The Walkmen, Elbow and RIM.
The band was very inspired by Elbow's album "Asleep in the Back" and the album Murmur ak R.I.M.
In 2015 Smith said, "For us, it's interesting with there being darkness in it. Whatever it is. In terms of lyrics, if I were singing about dance floors or happier, pinker things,
It would not feel real to me. I do not know why. People often say, 'Oh, you write sad words but you're not a sad person' - and I really am not…
I don't think you have to be sad to write a sad song, we all have a dark side. "

Finding performances

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