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A performance by Abba, the talented Swedish pop rock band from the 70s and embarks on a tour.
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Abba's band performed

Abba (ABBA) Is a Swedish pop band that was active from 1972 to 1982 and sang in English. Is considered one of the most successful bands of all time. The band was a huge success and its album sales, which continue to this day, are second only to the Beatles' sales and stand at over 300 million copies. The band's songs have gained worldwide fame; The best known of these are: "Waterloo", which in 2005 won the title of "Eurovision Song of All Time", "Mama Mia", "SOS" and many others. The band's best-selling song is the single "Dancing Queen".

Forming the band

The band's founders were the band's singers and songwriters, Bjorn Olbaus and Benny Anderson, who met at a party in the spring of 1966 and decided they had to "unite forces" and create music together. The idea did not materialize at first, because my son was at the time a keyboardist in a popular Swedish band called Hep stars. While performing in Malma, Benny met singer Annie-Fried Lingstad. She was then twenty years old and used to perform with various singers. She has also performed at various festivals in Japan and Venezuela, and in addition, has already managed to become a mother of two children. In 1969, Bjorn and Anita Platskog met on a Swedish television show and fell in love. At first they only appeared and recorded Bjorn and Benny together. Their first joint song was "She's the Girl for Me", written for a Swedish erotic film called "Inge" in 1969.

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In February 1973, the band tried to reach the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Ring Ring. The song did not make it into the competition, but nonetheless, it succeeded among the Swedish audience when it reached third place in the Eurovision Song Contest. A year later, at the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest, the band participated again with the song Waterloo, and won the competition. This song was also chosen in 2005 as the Eurovision Song Contest. The song, and the album of that name, were sold with great success in the UK. After winning, the band released another 18 hits, eight of which reached the top of the British choral parade.

Success in Europe

In June 1976, Abba appeared at the wedding of the King of Sweden. In February 1977 they embarked on a tour of Australia, but in the UK they performed in their two biggest and most important performances: The Albert Hall (9,000 seats) was booked for 3.5 million tickets. The band spent most of the year on tour, and the last show in Australia was filmed for ABBA - The Movie. In September 1979, performing in Edmonton, Abba opened the North American tour. On January 9, 1979, the band members participated in a fundraising show for UNICEF in New York and even donated the proceeds from the single Chiquitita to the organization.

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