It is the customer's responsibility to obtain a valid passport for at least six (6) months, from the date of departure from the country, appropriate entry visas (visas) and also to indicate to Tikair (hereinafter the website) if he has a non-Israeli passport. Entry into the various countries is in accordance with the passport held by the passenger and the country's law may change from time to time. Passport handling, entry visas, etc. are the sole responsibility of the passenger, and he hereby declares that he has a valid passport for at least six (6) months. A valid passport will only be considered one with at least two blank pages and it is the customer's responsibility to verify this before booking and / or the date of travel.

It is the customer's responsibility to check the exact spelling details and make sure the spelling is the same as the spelling in their passport before signing the order form. It is clarified that for a name change or spelling update, the customer will be charged a cancellation fee or a change payment, according to the supplier's laws. For the avoidance of doubt it will be clarified that any provision of this agreement in relation to the customer is valid and will also apply to any passenger included in the transaction.


General Information

The TIKAIR website "TIKAIR" would like to draw your attention to the information provided below as an integral part of the holiday booking and which together with the booking details constitute the general terms and conditions and warranty. In any case of disagreement, these conditions will be binding and no claim will be made that the passenger did not read and / or was not referred to these conditions. The following terms will apply to the passenger passenger one of Tikair products.

The Tikayir website is located outside the borders of the State of Israel (located within the borders of Ukraine ITN 2748727895), and serves as an intermediary between various service providers and the passenger, and therefore, Tikayir is related, among other things, to the general terms and conditions of the various service providers. It is emphasized that the services provided to the customer are performed at the responsibility of the various service providers. All information provided by Tikair is drawn from the suppliers' publications and Tikair is not responsible for their absolute accuracy.

In signing this agreement, the customer confirms that he has read and understood the terms of the transaction and he will be prevented from making any claim regarding ignorance of the terms of the transaction, etc. retrospectively after the signing of this agreement.

Subject to the terms of employment and contracting of the parties Tikair orders for you services provided by a tourism wholesaler, including the hotel, airlines, ticket suppliers for events and attractions, and rental and parking services companies (hereinafter: "the supplier (s)") subject to their availability and information provided by the supplier. All ordered services are for request only, pending approval from our company. Also, the sole responsibility for performing the actual services is on the provider only.

Special requests regarding the hotel and / or air carrier and / or ticket providers and / or car rental and / or parking services are forwarded by Tickair to the relevant provider, in any case of malfunction and / or non-compliance please contact immediately, directly or with our help, To the appropriate provider. It is the responsibility of the customer and / or passenger to check the suitability of the vouchers and approvals, including dates and flight times, event dates, type of event tickets, spelling of passenger names, number of passengers and adjustment of room classification and type of hotel for booking.
All components of the order are at full cancellation fee, from the moment of order confirmation sent by Tickair.

Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid:


The flights

The flights may be charter, low-cost or scheduled flights and therefore their details are not final and may change, including in terms of their dates, route and flight carrier details as well as the airline and flight numbers. The responsibility for delays, changes and cancellations is, according to any law, on the air carrier and / or the carrier only.

Tickair is not updated in real time regarding changes to the schedule of each flight and therefore the customer must verify the exact flight hours 24 hours before the flight date. Connection flights are booked with the approval of the airline according to the rules of stopover of the airport. In the event of a missed connecting flight as a result of a delay and / or delay and / or change of schedule, Tickair will not bear any responsibility. It is hereby clarified that the airline is responsible for resolving this situation at its sole discretion.

Attention is drawn to the flight details updated on the flight ticket and to the general conditions attached to it and which are binding on the carrier. However, in exceptional cases of overbooking by airlines (which is allowed by the airlines and which is not under the control of the organizers) a single passenger or part of a group of passengers will be forced to fly on a different flight. Reservations for a kosher and / or vegetarian meal on the flight and / or any other dietary requirement are for request only and the Tickair website does not guarantee and will not be responsible for the unsatisfaction of the reservation. For the sake of fair disclosure, some airlines do not provide a meal during the flight and / or provide a meal and drinks for a fee only. Some airlines require early registration for the flight (electronic check-in) and charge a fee for registration at the airport. The customer and / or passengers are asked to make the registration for the flight if they wish to avoid additional payments at the airport. Some airlines charge an additional fee for luggage sent to the belly of the aircraft and / or for excess weight in the baggage sent or by hand luggage and / or for large quantities of luggage. It is the responsibility of the customer and / or passengers to be updated in advance, with the airline or with Tickair on these costs and conditions. Seating on flights is done by the airline and under its sole responsibility, sometimes for an additional fee and all this without consulting TIKAIR and / or the passengers.

A request from the customer for flight changes and / or cancellation and / or name changes will be charged according to the supplier's terms.

Infants up to the age of two are not entitled to a seat on the flight, but sit on their parents or their flight attendants. It is possible on regular flights to book a crib based on availability only. Tickair does not guarantee that babies sat in the crib on flights.


The hotels

The requested hotel details are for request only and Tikair is not bound by them until the final approval of the supplier has been obtained. The responsibility for the placement in the hotel, including the room floor and / or the correctness of the facilities and / or service in the hotel, including the air conditioning system, rests with the hotel and / or the supplier only. The hotel facilities are active only according to the hotel's considerations depending on the tourist season. Some hotels require extras for services offered by the hotel including meals, drinks, mini bar, gym, spa services, water sports, etc. This exception also applies to all-inclusive bookings. Please note that in the case of booking a room for three and / or four - many hotels usually put a third and / or fourth bed in a double room, sometimes the extra bed is a sofa bed and / or a folding bed. In some destinations in Europe a city tax per room / person is charged. This fee will be charged to the customer in full and directly by the hotel at the destination and is not under the responsibility or control of Tickair.


Please note, in case of overbooking, provide the right to transfer to an alternative hotel at a similar level, or higher at an additional charge. The rating of the hotels as given to you, is in accordance with the report of the local Ministry of Tourism and no rankings are compared between the different countries. All details regarding the hotel facilities, advertised by Tickair, are taken from hotel advertisements and the Tickair website does not bear any responsibility, if some of the services offered by the hotel are seasonal and do not operate all year round. In some hotels an extra payment is required for "extras" in the meals that the hotel offers to its customers, and this is not in the knowledge and / or control of the company. The time of entry into the rooms is usually at 16:00 and the evacuation is until 11:00, regardless of the flight hours. If, as a result of changes in flight times, the passenger incurs a loss / additional accommodation at the booked hotel, the company will not bear the loss / additional payment paid by the passenger. Also, if due to flight delays, the passenger will incur a loss of meals at the booked hotel, Tikair will not bear the cost of the meal loss. "Over-registration", both in terms of flight and in the case of hotels, means that the hotel or flight is fully occupied and there is no available room / space available on the flight despite your reservation.


Car Rental

It is the customer's responsibility to update Tickair if the age or age of any of the passengers expected to drive the vehicle is less than 25 years. In addition, the customer and / or passenger (listed on the car rental voucher) must have an international credit card, in his name, and an Israeli driver's license together with an international license, when they are valid and the details are the same. The rental company does not undertake to supply a vehicle of a certain model, but only of a certain group of vehicles. Parking services: Tickair is not responsible for damage and / or loss caused to vehicles or property located in them and will not bear any payment or any expense arising from and / or related to the provision of parking services by the supplier. Including this, the company is not responsible and will not bear payments for overtime parking hours even if these overtime hours were not caused due to the actions / omissions of the passenger / customer, including due to delays / cancellations of flights. Car rental day is 24 hours, overtime will be charged on an additional rental day according to the local carrier tariff.


Event cards

Event tickets will be accepted in the country or at the destination until the day of the event (inclusive). The cards can be paper cards, plastic subscription cards or electronic cards. In some cases, and according to the production decisions or event organizers, the tickets are printed and distributed near the time of the event and therefore can not be delivered in the country, and will be delivered at the local ticket office by destination, by courier to the hotel At the box office, at the sole discretion of the ticket vendor.


It should be noted that the ticket market abroad is a dynamic market in which priority is given in advance to the local audience and / or local subscribers. Thus most of the requested events are defined as "sold out" in advance. Hence, the ticket prices left for marketing by the ticket providers to the foreign audience are, for the most part, significantly higher than the nominal price, to which are added shipping costs, insurance and local agent fees. By actually placing the order, the customer confirms and agrees to the existing differences between the price of the ticket as given to him by "TIKAIR" and that stated on the card.


It will be clarified that Tickair makes every effort to ensure for its customers the tickets at the most competitive prices and from the highest quality suppliers and to ensure tickets for its customers, as far as possible, in the best possible places, even in the most requested shows.


Delivery of the tickets to an address in Israel or abroad is done by registered mail and / or courier and is conditional on receipt of the tickets by the customer or their representative. Tickair will not be liable for tickets for which there is a delivery confirmation at the address provided and / or received at the post office associated with this address and lost / stolen / not located / not collected for any reason thereafter. Deliveries to apartments or private addresses abroad are conditional on the signing of the delivery confirmation and the customer's responsibility for the delivery himself or by his proxy. It is important to note that the exact date or time of delivery cannot be guaranteed and it is the customer's responsibility to prepare accordingly.


In case of cancellation and / or postponement of the event, when only tickets and / or packages are purchased that do not include flights departing from Israel and / or packages that include a flight from Israel, but the cancellation and / or postponement notice was given after the flight leaves Israel. For a rescheduled event. For the avoidance of doubt, Refund and cancellation policies in these cases are set exclusively by the local ticket providers, Without affiliation or connection to the notices given by the event producer, and such notices do not bind the parties in any way. It should be noted that there is no connection between the face value and the actual price paid for the ticket, whether it was purchased as part of a package or as a ticket only. The face value may be on the order of magnitude or lower on the order of the price of the ticket paid. Also, the prices given or displayed for tickets only are not necessarily the prices of the tickets included in the package and do not represent the price of the ticket embodied in the package.


Tickair makes every effort to keep up to date with the times and hours of events that may change from time to time. It is the responsibility of the customer and / or the passenger to verify the date of the event as planned. The sale of tickets, tourist services and the services that accompany them is done as long as the event is planned to take place as planned. No claims will be accepted from the passenger and / or customer regarding a change in the responsibility of the production and / or the organizers of the event.



Unless otherwise stated, in events where tickets are provided, seating in pairs is guaranteed, but it will be clarified that seating in pairs is also considered in European countries as sitting one after the other and / or diagonally and / or in the same row at "touching distance" (separation of one or two seats only). Beyond that - just a request. However, due to exceptional decisions by the productions and / or event organizers and / or sports clubs, tickets may also be accepted individually and / or separately and Tikair has no responsibility for the seating.


I, the holder of the credit card whose details are listed below, hereby confirm the validity of the transaction and debit invoice using the above card, and therefore undertake that this transaction will not be denied by and / or by any of the passengers registered in the transaction. I know that it is mandatory to arrive at the airport 3 (three) hours before the flight time abroad due to security requirements. Domestic flights must arrive two hours before the flight time.

We bTikaiR. believe that the service does not end with the closure of the office. Flights depart in the small hours of the night, check-in at hotels is also done on weekends and events are usually held outside of operating hours in Israel.

To this end, we operate the Tikair emergency center, which is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can contact HaMoked in any emergency that may arise before leaving the country or during your stay abroad. A Hebrew-speaking representative will answer you and provide "first aid" so that you can continue your vacation properly.

Ticketear Emergency Center: During business hours through the call center


In the event of any unforeseen occurrence, it is the customer's duty to contact Tickair's emergency center without delay, to act on the representative's instructions and in accordance with his instructions in order to resolve it.

We emphasize that the very application to the emergency center does not qualify for a refund or compensation and that no refunds and / or compensation will be given for cases that have been successfully handled by the center and / or for cases that were not reported to the center in real time or reported retrospectively.

A customer who has not contacted the emergency center in real time in the event of a malfunction and / or complaint, etc. will be barred from claiming compensation and / or a claim in the event of such a malfunction.

Service Tripguarantee, In cooperation with the Phoenix Insurance Company and Tickair, allows Tickair customers, who sign up for the service, to cancel their trip for any reason and receive a refund of 80% total degrees of the package, provided the following three conditions are met:

  1. The package includes flights.
  2. The package was purchased over two weeks before leaving the country and the notice of cancellation was made up to 12 hours before leaving the country.
  3. The cancellation is made on the customer's initiative and not due to factors that are not on the customer's initiative (eg, cancellation of a flight - in such a case, the responsibility for refunds will be on the canceling party).

For the avoidance of doubt, cancellation at the initiative of the customer can be done for any reason, without the need to detail or provide documents and all in accordance with the terms of the attached policy.

All passengers registered in the package are insured and all or some of the passengers' travel can be canceled. If there are shared services (for example, two passengers have been insured, one cancels, but the other still uses the hotel room) - 80% of the actual canceled components will be refunded.

It is important to note - packages purchased at the last minute (ie, two weeks or less before the date of departure from the country) do not allow cancellation for any reason and the cancellation fee is full, ie, no refund can be guaranteed in case of cancellation. At the same time, Tickair undertakes to do everything possible to assist its customers before the law before the local suppliers and will make every effort to allow any refunds in these cases.

Notice of cancellation must be sent up to 12 hours before the departure time of the flight to the following address: [email protected] And receive confirmation of receipt after sending from Tikair Focus.

For details of the full policy, click on The following link

Refunds will be given to customers who wish to cancel their trip in the event of cancellation of the event abroad or change of date, provided that all four of the following conditions are met together:

  1. The customer purchased a package from Tikair that includes flights.
  2. The change was made before the passengers left abroad (whether or not they were notified by Tikair).
  3. The customer informed Tikair in writing of his desire to cancel the package before leaving the country.
  4. The approval of the insurance company is given.


If the event is canceled or postponed after the flight departs from Israel, or if no notice of the cancellation request is received, a refund will be given for the canceled tickets only or alternative tickets, according to the event production decision or the local ticket provider.

If the customer wishes to redeem his trip (ie take advantage of the flight and hotel tickets) without attending the canceled / postponed event, it will be possible to receive a refund for event tickets only or alternative tickets, depending on the event production decision or the local ticket provider.


For the avoidance of doubt, in any case of receiving a refund for a ticket for an event that has been canceled / postponed, the amount of the refund will depend on the decision of the local supplier and may be the value stated on the ticket only and not its actual price.


It is important to note - an canceled or postponed event is an event for which an official cancellation notice was received by the event producer. Rumors, articles, announcements in the media, inference from the cancellation of previous events or any information that is not based and originated is not in the official production or has received approval from Tickair, is not considered as the cancellation of the event or as a preliminary sign of cancellation of an event.

Reimbursement for cancellation or postponement of an event will not be given to events that have been canceled or postponed for one of the following reasons including but not limited to: Fraud or fraud / insolvency of the event organizers / financial failure of the event or lack of interest, disaster, epidemic, war, rebellion or civil unrest , Closure or permit of entry into the destination country for any reason. Damage to radioactive radiation or other toxins, air pollution or water sources or other severe environmental pollution and fear or threat of the use of biological or chemical warfare in the target country.


Please note - Tickair does everything possible to keep up to date with its suppliers and productions with changes in schedules and the availability of events abroad. At the same time, notices of large events are only published to local parties in the destination country or are not brought to Ticair's attention individually. Tickair recommends that all its customers be updated before going abroad on changes in the date or location of the event, through the artist's website or the organizers of sports competitions and in the various media. In any case of fear of cancellation or postponement, contact the Tikair call center immediately for further investigation and verification of the news. Refund due to cancellation of a package in case of postponement or cancellation of an event abroad will be made only in case the package was canceled by the buyer before leaving the country. It will not be possible to provide buyers with a retroactive refund for an event that has been canceled and has not been notified to Tickair as required and in a timely manner, before the customer leaves the country.


Notice of cancellation must be sent to the following address: [email protected] And receive confirmation of receipt after sending from Tikair Focus.


The customer must be provided with the appropriate insurance after purchasing the package. You must take care of purchasing such insurance coverage, independently and in accordance with the coverage conditions that apply to you and your passengers. For the avoidance of doubt, Tickair will not be liable for any damage or expense that may be caused to its customers during or before their departure.

It is hereby clarified that the responsibility from every aspect and type is for pregnant women (every week of pregnancy) the flights apply to them only. In any case, the liability and / or damage and / or aggravation will not apply to the Tickair website and / or anyone on its behalf. Without detracting from the generality of the above, it is hereby clarified that pregnant women who decide to fly at their own discretion and responsibility and after it is clarified that on any flight to any destination may cause injury and / or damage to the pregnant woman and / or fetus. Or upon receipt of the tickets and / or placed the order on the website, releases Tikair and / or anyone on its behalf from responsibility. In addition, and without detracting from the generality of the above, a pregnant passenger from week 28 to 33 excluding, who decides to fly, must bring with her an up-to-date medical certificate in English stating that there is no impediment to flying and no fear of premature birth.

In addition, it is the sole responsibility of every pregnant passenger to be updated on the airline's website on the policy of flying pregnant women and to take care to follow their guidelines, which may change from time to time and from company to company and provide travel insurance tailored to her situation.

It is hereby clarified that the website has no control over the receipt of the medical certificate and the confirmation of the flight to the pregnant passenger by the carrier.

Tickair recommends that its customers visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website in order to be updated with information on travel alerts as they are available to their destination country. The URL is: Click here

Tickair reserves the right to upgrade all of your booking components (flights, hotels, event tickets).

If one of the order components is not provided in full, or in rare cases where service is reduced (hotel, event seating category, etc.) Tickair will reimburse buyers for the difference between the cost of the service actually provided and the original service cost plus 10% as pre-agreed compensation.

For the avoidance of doubt, lower service means service provided in a lower category than pre-booked, for example: due to full occupancy at the hotel the customer was transferred from a four star hotel to a three star hotel. However, if the customer was offered an alternative service in the same category, it will not be considered low and the customer will not be entitled to compensation, even if the customer refused the same alternative service. For example: a four-star hotel booked by the customer is fully booked. The customer was offered another four-star hotel in the same area but the customer refused the offer and chose to stay in a three-star hotel - in this case since the customer was offered the same level of service (four stars), the customer's choice to stay in a low-level hotel does not constitute "low". In the event that the customer chooses a service at a higher level than that ordered in advance.

In the event of a service delivery failure, which stems from the failure of Tickair or its suppliers, the customer will be compensated with the full amount of the service not provided plus 10% as pre-agreed compensation.


After the booking is confirmed, the customer will not be given a refund, and the booking can not be canceled. To, transfers and low-cost flights (EasyJet, Wizz Air, Transavia, Norway, Walling, Monarch and the like). These local services and especially event tickets are not subject to the Consumer Protection Law as long as the service provider is not subject to Israeli law. It is important to note that the Consumer Protection Act in case of cancellation will apply to service providers subject to the law only. Services provided in full abroad such as those described above and explicitly event cards and ground services (hotels, transfers, accommodation services, etc.) Will not be refunded to the customer. Tickair recommends that its customers purchase packages that include the Insurance Tripguarantee Or alternatively be equipped with insurance as they see fit and according to their needs that will cover cases of cancellation or change of package.

In the case of An epidemic, Riots, riots or disaster in the destination countries, no refund will be given and the booking can not be canceled. Prior to the rule of law, Tickair will attempt to obtain a partial cancellation or credit for the components in the order.
This is without any obligation and only after inspection and approval with the suppliers.

When you purchase tickets on the website, Tikair guarantees that you will receive the tickets you paid for in time for the event. In the rare event that a problem arises and the ticket you have ordered is not delivered, Tickair will examine at its sole and absolute discretion alternative tickets at equivalent prices at no additional cost, or Tickair will issue you a full refund for the cost of the tickets. "Equivalent" replacement cards are determined by Tickair at its sole and absolute discretion.

If you are unable to redeem the tickets you have purchased and wish to sell the tickets through Tickair's sales service, this can be done using a dedicated online form Link here.
Tickair may deduct handling and other charges from the sale amount. You also give us a full right and license to transfer and sell the tickets.

The form of payment must indicate the means of payment as a guarantee that the delivery of the tickets to the buyer will take place, if the delivery of the tickets fails, Your card will be charged For the supply of alternative tickets to the buyer and in accordance with the actual full ticket cost.

The amount of ticket sales is in accordance with the "market" price and is at Tikair's sole discretion unless otherwise stated in the online sale form.
The balance of the payment is offset by the Tikair sales commission in the amount 20% The final sales arrangement and other charges will be sent to you after the date of the event (approximately 14 business days from the actual event).

It is strictly forbidden to duplicate, modify, adapt, publish and display the cards on websites of any kind. This is so that we can promote the sale of the tickets you want us to sell for you.

If you wish to redeem the tickets or cancel the sale, provided that the tickets have not yet been sold, you must immediately update the Operations Department at [email protected]
The sale operation will be canceled only after approval from the Operations Department.

I hereby confirm my consent to receive from the website, any direct mail and direct mail services regarding the site, its products, services and activities, via e-mail (hereinafter: "the email"). I hereby declare that I will not have any claim and / or demand and / or lawsuit, including in respect of the Communications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law, 1982, against Tickair and / or anyone on its behalf for receiving the said advertising material by e-mail. To me, that if I would like to terminate the service of receiving direct mail and direct mail services as stated above, by e-mail, I must send an e-mail, which includes a refusal

To receive the said material, to the address: [email protected].

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