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    Just like the movie and with a successful musical. Mary Poppins A fun musical for the whole family.

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About Mary Poppins | Mary poppins | Musicals in London

Get on your spoon of ready-made sugar, Mary Poppins returns to the West End in 2019. A crazy show back to the Prince Edward Theater, a step in time for musical theater classics such as "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and "Let's Go Fly a Kite". Tells the story of the magical nanny Mary Poppins and Cockney Carter Brett, this is a family-friendly show that is perfect in almost every way.

The musical Mary Poppins is back in London and Disney is once again proving that they know how to make huge musicals, with lots of scenery, costumes, actors and great singers, pyrotechnic dances and a good feeling.

Mary Poppins replaced the musical Aladdin and returned to her original home in the West End at the Prince Edward Theater, Disney renovated the hall and as it seems they intend Mary Poppins to stay in London for a very long time.

Mary Poppins is the most invested musical in terms of effects, magic and scenery running today in London.
Everything takes place on stage at an impressive pace of changing backdrops and dozens of costumes combining visual effects that are sometimes reminiscent of a magic show.

The story is about a rich British family, whose children make all the caregivers run away until Mary Poppins arrives with magical powers and the ability to fly.
Mary Poppins and a chimney sweep company change the worldview of children and families and take them on adventures, of course all sorts of things happen that we will not tell you about in order not to ruin.

The show is based on the movie Mary Poppins (the original) which is of course a classic in itself but the musical has a few different sections from the movie, so even if you are familiar with the movie you will still have surprises.
The musical incorporates the famous songs from the film, the vocal performance is excellent and the one who steals the show is actually the chimney sweep and sells food to feed birds.

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